Significant contributions to the HAProxy project in forms of code, time or funding (as of 2010/01/12)

Some happy users have contributed code which may or may not be included. Others spent a long time analysing the code, and there are some who maintain ports up to date. The most difficult internal changes have been contributed in the form of paid time by some big customers who can afford to pay a developer for several months working on an opensource project. Unfortunately some of them do not want to be listed, which is the case for the largest of them.

Packages maintainers

Ports and distro maintainers do not appear in the table below because their work is continuous. At the time of writing, here are the known maintainers of HAProxy packages or ports. If you're aware this is inaccurate or if you want to be added, please contact me.

Linux *BSD Other

Code and fixes

I don't update this list very frequently. If you want your contribution to be noted here, please contact me. If you want to suggest a useful feature, please discuss it on the mailing list. If your company wants to fund a specific development and wants to be added here, please first contact me so that I can tell you whether I'm aware of a similar work in progress. If you are one of the funding companies listed below and want to add your logo, please send me a small one. By "small", I mean one which will not deform the table.


Id Feature description Users
Complexity Notes Help / Funding Status Assigned to EDA Milestone Bugs, regs, drift
0001 Appsession (cookie learning) 1-10 2003 +++, 20d Completed Aleksandar Lazic, Klaus Wagner 2005/02 1.2.4
0002 Many cleanups, reviews and fixes ++ Completed Cameron Simpson 2005-2006 1.2.7
0004 User/Group support + Completed Marcus Rueckert 2007 1.2.17
0005 RBtree scheduler ++ Completed Sin Yu 2007 1.2.17
0006 Makefile for OSX + Completed Dan Zinngrabe 2007 1.3.8
0007 Health-checks on different address + Completed Fabrice Dulaunoy 2007 1.3.8
0008 "Except" option of forwardfor + Completed Bryan German 2007 1.3.8
0009 VIM script for syntax color highlighting + Completed Bruno Michel 2007
0010 Support for FreeBSD's kqueue poller + Olivier Warin: FreeBSD machine account Completed Willy Tarreau 2007 1.3.9
0011 SMTP health checks + Completed Peter van Dijk 2007 1.3.10
0012 URI hashing algorithm + Completed Guillaume Allaire 2007 1.3.10
0013 "nolinger" option + Completed Alexandre Cassen 2007
0014 Spread checks + many fixes + Completed Krzysztof Oledzki 2007
0015 Replace code under non-GPL license ++ Completed Arnaud Cornet 2007 1.3.13
0016 "option http_proxy" + url_ip ++ Completed Alexandre Cassen 2007 1.3.14
0017 maxqueue + Completed Elijah Epifanov 2007 1.3.14
0018 More stats + many fixes ++ Completed Krzysztof Oledzki 2007 1.3.14
0019 Logging via UNIX socket ++ Completed Robert Tsai 2007 1.3.14
0020 Realtime monitoring scripts + Prizee Completed Julien Antony, Matthieu Huguet 2007 1.3.14
0021 Init scripts fixes + Completed R.I. Pienaar 2007 1.3.14
0022 Dynamic weights + slowstart +++ 40d, french customer who wants to remain anonymous Completed willy 2007 1.3.14
0023 disable-on-404 ++ 10d, french customer who wants to remain anonymous Completed willy 2007 1.3.14
0024 inversion of options + various fixes ++ Completed Krzysztof Oledzki 2007 1.3.15
0003 hardware donation for 10 Gbps lab Myricom donated 5 Myri10GE NICs with cables to help support for very high data rates. This resulted in TCP splicing support. Myricom 2007 1.3.14
0025 fastinter+downinter ++ Completed Krzysztof Oledzki 2008 1.3.15
0026 fix appsession lookup in