HAProxy known bugs for version v1.3.19 (maintenance branch 1.3) :  65 

This version (1.3.19) is a release belonging to maintenance branch 1.3 whose latest version is 1.3.28. If your version is not the last one in the maintenance branch, you are missing fixes for known bugs, and by not updating you are needlessly taking the responsibility for the risk of unexpected service outages and exposing your web site to possible security issues.

The HAProxy development team takes a great care of maintaining stable versions so that all users can apply bug fixes without having to take the risk of upgrading to a new branch. In turn users are expected to apply the fixes when the development team estimates that they were worth being backported to stable branches.

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2016-03-141.3.28 ⇐ last
2009-07-271.3.19 ⇐ yours

Known bugs affecting this version, and already fixed in the maintenance branch

These fixes have already been queued for a more recent 1.3 version. Some of them might have already been released in a more recent version than yours, and other ones might still be pending in the maintenance branch for a future release. The list may be empty if you're already on the latest version and no new fix was backported.

Bugs are almost always tagged with a severity (some people forget the severity tag when the bug is minor). The following severities are used :

Total known bugs in this version by category :

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Merge dateSubject - Severity (minor, medium, major, critical)
2016-03-14BUG/MINOR: acl: don't use record layer in req_ssl_ver
2016-03-14BUG/MEDIUM: config: count memory limits on 64 bits, not 32
2015-10-27BUG/MINOR: http: Add OPTIONS in supported http methods (found by find_http_meth)
2015-10-27BUG/MINOR: http: remove stupid HTTP_METH_NONE entry
2015-02-01BUG/MINOR: http: abort request processing on filter failure
2015-02-01BUG/MINOR: config: don't inherit the default balance algorithm in frontends
2015-02-01BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: don't use SO_ORIGINAL_DST on non-AF_INET sockets
2015-02-01BUG/MEDIUM: regex: fix risk of buffer overrun in exp_replace()
2015-02-01BUG/MEDIUM: signal: signal handler does not properly check for signal bounds
2015-02-01BUG/MINOR: config: fix improper check for failed memory alloc in ACL parser
2015-02-01BUG/MINOR: epoll: correctly disable FD polling in fd_rem()
2015-02-01BUG/MINOR: tarpit: fix condition to return the HTTP 500 message
2015-02-01BUG/MEDIUM: balance source did not properly hash IPv6 addresses
2015-02-01BUG: proto_tcp: set AF_INET on tproxy for use with recent kernels
2015-02-01[BUG] tcp: dropped connections must be counted as "denied" not "failed"
2013-07-04BUG/MEDIUM: http: "option checkcache" fails with the no-cache header
2012-01-20BUG/MEDIUM: zero-weight servers must not dequeue requests from the backend
2011-08-05[BUG] halog: correctly handle truncated last line
2011-04-08[BUG] http: balance url_param did not work with first parameters on POST
2011-04-08[BUG] startup: set the rlimits before binding ports, not after.
2011-04-08[BUG] cfgparse: correctly count one socket per port in ranges
2011-04-08[BUG] session: release slot before processing pending connections
2011-04-08[BUG] http: correctly update the header list when removing two consecutive headers
2011-04-08[BUG] appsession: fix possible double free in case of out of memory
2011-04-08[BUG] capture: do not capture a cookie if there is no memory left
2011-04-08[BUG] config: report the correct proxy type in tcp-request errors
2011-04-08[BUG] cookie: correctly unset default cookie parameters
2011-04-08[BUG] checks: don't log backend down for all zero-weight servers
2011-04-06[BUG] http: don't consider commas as a header delimitor within quotes
2011-04-06[BUG] queue: don't dequeue proxy-global requests on disabled servers
2010-09-21[BUG] stream_sock: cleanly disable the listener in case of resource shortage
2010-06-16[BUG] config: disable "option forceclose" in non-http instances
2010-06-16[BUG] frontend: always ensure to zero rep->analysers
2010-06-16[BUG] proxy: connection rate limiting was eating lots of CPU
2010-06-16[BUG] cttproxy: socket fd leakage in check_cttproxy_version
2010-06-16[BUG] client: don't add a new session to the list too early
2010-04-07[BUG] appsession should match the whole cookie name
2010-03-29[BUG] init: unconditionally catch SIGPIPE
2010-03-14[BUG] stats: don't abort if the client closes before the response
2010-03-12[BUG] url_param hash may return a down server
2010-03-08[BUG] Clear-cookie path issue
2010-03-08[BUG] logs: don't report "last data" when we have just closed after an error
2010-03-08[BUG] config: report unresolvable host names as errors
2010-03-08[BUG] config: reset check request to avoid double free when switching to ssl
2010-03-08[BUG] http: switch to tunnel mode after status 101 responses
2010-01-28[BUG] check: we must not check for error before reading a response
2010-01-28[BUG] appsession: possible memory leak in case of out of memory condition
2010-01-28[BUG] http: fix cookie parser to support spaces and commas in values
2010-01-28[BUG] check_post: limit analysis to the buffer length
2010-01-28[BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names, again
2010-01-28[BUG] halog: fix segfault in case of empty log in PCT mode
2009-12-06[BUG] Configuration parser bug when escaping characters
2009-12-06[BUG] config: fix error message when config file is not found
2009-12-06[BUG] x-original-to: name was not set in default instance
2009-12-03[BUG] config: cookie domain was ignored in defaults sections
2009-12-03[BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names
2009-11-09[BUG] config: disable 'option httplog' on TCP proxies
2009-11-09[BUG] config: fix wrong handling of too large argument count
2009-10-14[BUG] unix socket: don't try to dereference frontend/backends
2009-10-12[BUG] task.c: don't assing last_timer to node-less entries
2009-10-04[BUG] don't refresh timeouts late after detected activity
2009-10-03[BUG] check if rise/fall has an argument and it is > 0
2009-10-03[BUG] buffer_forward() would not correctly consider data already scheduled
2009-08-09[BUG] log: option tcplog would log to global if no logger was defined
2009-08-09[BUG] task: fix possible crash when some timeouts are not configured

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