HAProxy known bugs for version v1.5.18 (maintenance branch 1.5) :  33 

This version (1.5.18) is a release belonging to maintenance branch 1.5 whose latest version is 1.5.19. If your version is not the last one in the maintenance branch, you are missing fixes for known bugs, and by not updating you are needlessly taking the responsibility for the risk of unexpected service outages and exposing your web site to possible security issues.

The HAProxy development team takes a great care of maintaining stable versions so that all users can apply bug fixes without having to take the risk of upgrading to a new branch. In turn users are expected to apply the fixes when the development team estimates that they were worth being backported to stable branches.

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This branch contains the following releases :

2016-12-251.5.19 ⇐ last
2016-05-101.5.18 ⇐ yours

Known bugs affecting this version, and already fixed in the maintenance branch

These fixes have already been queued for a more recent 1.5 version. Some of them might have already been released in a more recent version than yours, and other ones might still be pending in the maintenance branch for a future release. The list may be empty if you're already on the latest version and no new fix was backported.

Bugs are almost always tagged with a severity (some people forget the severity tag when the bug is minor). The following severities are used :

Total known bugs in this version by category :

33 0 4 9 20

Click on the subjects below to get the full description of the bug :

Merge dateSubject - Severity (minor, medium, major, critical)
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: systemd: potential zombie processes
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: backend: nbsrv() should return 0 if backend is disabled
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: properly reset the reused_sess during a forced handshake
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: http: don't send an extra CRLF after a Set-Cookie in a redirect
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: return "none" and "unknown" for unknown LB algos
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: cli: dequeue from the proxy when changing a maxconn
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: cli: fix pointer size when reporting data/transport layer name
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: cli: properly decrement ref count on tables during failed dumps
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: fix regression caused by recent fix for out-of-memory
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: connection: check the control layer before stopping polling
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: stick-table: handle out-of-memory condition gracefully
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: return correct exit codes
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix use after free in peer_session_create()
2016-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: systemd: let the wrapper know that haproxy has completed or failed
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: systemd: check return value of calloc()
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: systemd: always restore signals before execve()
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: systemd: make the wrapper return a non-null status code on error
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: prevent multiple entries for the same certificate
2016-12-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: Check malloc return code
2016-10-06BUG/MINOR: displayed PCRE version is running release
2016-10-06BUG/MINOR: payload: fix SSLv2 version parser
2016-10-06BUG/MAJOR: stream: properly mark the server address as unset on connect retry
2016-10-06BUG/MAJOR: stick-counters: possible crash when using sc_trackers with wrong table
2016-08-09BUG/MAJOR: compression: initialize avail_in/next_in even during flush
2016-08-09BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: completely detach connection on connect error
2016-06-30Revert "BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in ssl_sock_load_dh_params()"
2016-06-30BUG/MINOR: init: ensure that FD limit is raised to the max allowed
2016-06-30BUG/MINOR: init: always ensure that global.rlimit_nofile matches actual limits
2016-06-30BUG/MINOR: http: url32+src should check cli_conn before using it
2016-06-30BUG/MINOR: http: url32+src should use the big endian version of url32
2016-06-30BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in ssl_sock_load_dh_params()
2016-06-08BUG/MINOR: http: add-header: header name copied twice
2016-06-07BUG/MEDIUM: sticktables: segfault in some configuration error cases
2016-05-19BUG/MAJOR: fix listening IP address storage for frontends

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