HAProxy known bugs for maintenance branch 1.0

This is maintenance branch 1.0 whose latest version is 1.0.2. If your version is not the last one in the maintenance branch, you are missing fixes for known bugs, and by not updating you are needlessly taking the responsibility for the risk of unexpected service outages and exposing your web site to possible security issues.

The HAProxy development team takes a great care of maintaining stable versions so that all users can apply bug fixes without having to take the risk of upgrading to a new branch. In turn users are expected to apply the fixes when the development team estimates that they were worth being backported to stable branches. In short, if you are running any 1.0 version other than 1.0.2, you're running with known bugs.

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Fixes for known bugs pending in this branch since the last release (1.0.2)

These fixes have already been queued for the next 1.0 release but no version was released with them yet. Note that fixes are backported several at a time from the development branch to maintenance branches, and the absence of a fix here doesn't mean none will be issued soon.

Bugs are almost always tagged with a severity (some people forget the severity tag when the bug is minor). The following severities are used :

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Known bugs fixed in the development branch after the last commit in this branch

It is important to understand that not all of these commits are necessarily relevant to this version, but clicking on them will show the bug description. All fixes are made first in the development branch and then backported to the maintenance branches. This ensures no fix is lost when upgrading. If a fix was marked for backporting to this branch and is not there yet, it's likely that it is still missing. Do not hesitate to ask on the haproxy mailing list if you feel like a fix has been skipped.

2017-06-09BUG/MINOR: Makefile: fix compile error with USE_LUA=1 in ubuntu16.04
2017-06-08BUG/MEDIUM: misplaced exit and wrong exit code
2017-06-08BUG/MINOR: warning: ‘need_resend’ may be used uninitialized
2017-06-08BUG/MEDIUM: build without openssl broken
2017-06-08BUG/MINOR: haproxy/cli : fix for solaris/illumos distros for CMSG* macros
2017-06-08BUG/MINOR: ssl: do not call directly the conn_fd_handler from async_fd_handler
2017-06-08BUG/MAJOR: ssl: buffer overflow using offloaded ciphering on async engine
2017-06-08BUG/MAJOR: ssl: fix segfault on connection close using async engines.
2017-05-12BUG/MEDIUM: lua: segfault if a converter or a sample doesn't return anything
2017-05-12BUG/MAJOR: dns: Broken kqueue events handling (BSD systems).
2017-05-06BUG/MINOR: checks: don't send proxy protocol with agent checks
2017-05-04BUG/MINOR: contrib/mod_security: fix build on FreeBSD
2017-04-28BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix warnings about methods for opensslv1.1.
2017-04-27BUG/MINOR: change header-declared function to static inline
2017-04-26BUG/MINOR: hash-balance-factor isn't effective in certain circumstances
2017-04-26BUG/MEDIUM: lua: memory leak
2017-04-21BUG/MINOR: server: missing default server 'resolvers' setting duplication.
2017-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: http: Drop the connection establishment when a redirect is performed
2017-04-20BUG/MINOR: server: don't use "proxy" when px is really meant.
2017-04-19BUG/MAJOR: Use -fwrapv.
2017-04-19BUG/MEDIUM: acl: proprely release unused args in prune_acl_expr()
2017-04-16BUG/MAJOR: Broken parsing for valid keywords provided after 'source' setting.
2017-04-15BUG/MINOR: server: Fix a wrong error message during 'usesrc' keyword parsing.
2017-04-13BUG/MEDIUM: servers: unbreak server weight propagation
2017-04-13BUG/MEDIUM: acl: don't free unresolved args in prune_acl_expr()
2017-04-13BUG/MEDIUM: arg: ensure that we properly unlink unresolved arguments on error
2017-04-12BUG/MINOR: arg: don't try to add an argument on failed memory allocation
2017-04-12BUG/MINOR: config: missing goto out after parsing an incorrect ACL character
2017-04-11BUG/MINOR: dns: Wrong address family used when creating IPv6 sockets.
2017-04-10BUG/MINOR: server : no transparent proxy for DragonflyBSD
2017-03-31BUG/MINOR: filters: Don't force the stream's wakeup when we wait in flt_end_analyze
2017-03-31BUG/MEDIUM: http: Fix blocked HTTP/1.0 responses when compression is enabled
2017-03-31BUG/MINOR: http: Fix conditions to clean up a txn and to handle the next request
2017-03-31BUG/MEDIUM: buffers: Fix how input/output data are injected into buffers
2017-03-30BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix buffer overflow control in intdecode.
2017-03-29BUG/MEDIUM: server: Wrong server default CRT filenames initialization.
2017-03-27BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: don't require privileges to bind to device
2017-03-27BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: loop in tracked servers lists not detected by check_config_validity().
2017-03-21BUG/MINOR: raw_sock: always perfom the last recv if RDHUP is not available
2017-03-21BUG/MEDIUM: stream: fix client-fin/server-fin handling
2017-03-21BUG/MAJOR: http: fix typo in http_apply_redirect_rule
2017-03-20BUG: payload: fix payload not retrieving arbitrary lengths
2017-03-19BUG/MEDIUM: connection: ensure to always report the end of handshakes
2017-03-19BUG/MAJOR: stream-int: do not depend on connection flags to detect connection
2017-03-15BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Fix channels synchronization in flt_end_analyze
2017-03-15BUG/MEDIUM server: Fix crash when dynamic is defined, but not key is provided.
2017-03-15BUG/MEDIUM: listener: do not try to rebind another process' socket
2017-03-15BUG/MINOR: checks: attempt clean shutw for SSL check
2017-03-14BUG/MAJOR: connection: update CO_FL_CONNECTED before calling the data layer
2017-03-13BUG/MINOR: Fix "get map " CLI command
2017-03-13BUG/MEDIUM: cli: Prevent double free in CLI ACL lookup
2017-03-10BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Clear OpenSSL error stack after trying to parse OCSP file
2017-03-09BUG/MINOR: spoe: Fix parsing of arguments in spoe-message section
2017-03-09BUG/MINOR: spoe: Fix soft stop handler using a specific id for spoe filters
2017-03-08BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix cipherlist captures with sustainable SSL calls
2017-03-07BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: in bind line, ssl-options after 'crt' are ignored.
2017-03-06BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: switchctx should not return SSL_TLSEXT_ERR_ALERT_WARNING
2017-03-02BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix verify/ca-file per certificate
2017-02-28BUG/MEDIUM: config: reject anything but "if" or "unless" after a use-backend rule
2017-02-23BUG/MAJOR: lua segmentation fault when the request is like 'GET ?arg=val HTTP/1.1'
2017-02-13BUG/MAJOR: ssl: fix a regression in ssl_sock_shutw()
2017-02-10BUG/MINOR: sendmail: The return of vsnprintf is not cleanly tested
2017-02-08BUG/MINOR: http: Return an error when a replace-header rule failed on the response
2017-02-08BUG/MEDIUM: http: Prevent replace-header from overwriting a buffer
2017-02-08BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Do not truncate HTTP response when body length is undefined
2017-02-08BUG/MEDIUM: http: prevent redirect from overwriting a buffer
2017-02-03BUG/MAJOR: dns: restart sockets after fork()
2017-01-30BUG/MINOR: lua: Map.end are not reliable because "end" is a reserved keyword
2017-01-25BUG/MINOR: unix: fix connect's polling in case no data are scheduled
2017-01-25BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: don't poll for write when connect() succeeds
2017-01-13BUG/MINOR: stream: Fix how backend-specific analyzers are set on a stream
2017-01-11BUG/MINOR: Reset errno variable before calling strtol(3)
2017-01-11BUG/MINOR: ssl: assert on SSL_set_shutdown with BoringSSL
2017-01-11BUG/MINOR: ssl: EVP_PKEY must be freed after X509_get_pubkey usage
2017-01-11BUG/MEDIUM: tools: do not force an unresolved address to AF_INET:
2017-01-06BUG/MEDIUM: server: consider AF_UNSPEC as a valid address family
2017-01-06BUG/MINOR: tools: fix off-by-one in port size check
2017-01-06BUG/MINOR: config: emit a warning if http-reuse is enabled with incompatible options
2017-01-05BUG/MAJOR: http: fix risk of getting invalid reports of bad requests
2017-01-05BUG/MINOR: http: report real parser state in error captures
2017-01-05BUG/MAJOR: channel: Fix the definition order of channel analyzers
2017-01-05BUG/MINOR: sample-fetches/stick-tables: bad type for the sample fetches sc*_get_gpt0
2017-01-02BUG/MINOR: option prefer-last-server must be ignored in some case
2016-12-23BUG/MINOR: systemd: potential zombie processes
2016-12-23BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: for a handshake when server-side SNI changes
2016-12-23BUG/MINOR: backend: nbsrv() should return 0 if backend is disabled
2016-12-22BUG/MINOR: stats: fix be/sessions/current out in typed stats
2016-12-22BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: avoid double free when releasing bind_confs
2016-12-22BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: properly reset the reused_sess during a forced handshake
2016-12-21BUG/MINOR: lua: memleak when Lua/cli fails
2016-12-21BUG/MINOR: lua: bad return code
2016-12-21BUG/MINOR: lua: memory leak executing tasks
2016-12-21BUG/MINOR: Fix the sending function in Lua's cosocket
2016-12-16BUG/MINOR: lua/cli: bad error message
2016-12-16BUG/MINOR: cli: "show cli sockets" would always report process 64
2016-12-16BUG/MINOR: cli: "show cli sockets" wouldn't list all processes
2016-12-14BUG/MINOR: stream-int: automatically release SI_FL_WAIT_DATA on SHUTW_NOW
2016-12-14BUG/MEDIUM: lua: In some case, the return of sample-fetches is ignored (2)
2016-12-12BUG/MAJOR: Fix how the list of entities waiting for a buffer is handled
2016-12-12BUG/MEDIUM: stream: Save unprocessed events for a stream
2016-12-12BUG/MINOR: cli: be sure to always warn the cli applet when input buffer is full
2016-12-12BUG/MINOR: stats: fix be/sessions/max output in html stats
2016-12-12BUG/MEDIUM: variables: some variable name can hide another ones
2016-12-05BUG/MINOR: http: don't send an extra CRLF after a Set-Cookie in a redirect
2016-12-05BUG/MEDIUM: cli: fix "show stat resolvers" and "show tls-keys"
2016-12-05BUG/MINOR: cli: allow the backslash to be escaped on the CLI
2016-12-04BUG/MAJOR: stream: fix session abort on resource shortage
2016-11-29BUG/MINOR: http: Call XFER_DATA analyzer when HTTP txn is switched in tunnel mode
2016-11-29BUG/MINOR: filters: Invert evaluation order of HTTP_XFER_BODY and XFER_DATA analyzers
2016-11-29BUG/MINOR: filters: Protect args in macros HAS_DATA_FILTERS and IS_DATA_FILTER
2016-11-29BUG/MINOR: http: Keep the same behavior between 1.6 and 1.7 for tunneled txn
2016-11-29BUG/MEDIUM: http: Fix tunnel mode when the CONNECT method is used
2016-11-26BUG/MINOR: stats: make field_str() return an empty string on NULL
2016-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: return "none" and "unknown" for unknown LB algos
2016-11-25BUG/MINOR: freq-ctr: make swrate_add() support larger values
2016-11-25BUG: spoe: Fix parsing of SPOE actions in ACK frames
2016-11-25BUG/MINOR: conf: calloc untested
2016-11-24BUG/MINOR: log-format: uncatched memory allocation functions
2016-11-24BUG/MINOR: cli: wake up the CLI's task after a timeout update
2016-11-24BUG/MINOR: cli: dequeue from the proxy when changing a maxconn
2016-11-24BUG/MINOR: cli: fix pointer size when reporting data/transport layer name
2016-11-19BUG/MEDIUM: lua: In some case, the return of sample-fetche is ignored
2016-11-18BUG/MINOR: cli: properly decrement ref count on tables during failed dumps
2016-11-18BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: fix regression caused by recent fix for out-of-memory
2016-11-18DEBUG: connection: mark the closed FDs with a value that is easier to detect
2016-11-18BUG/MEDIUM: connection: check the control layer before stopping polling
2016-11-17BUG/MINOR: stick-table: handle out-of-memory condition gracefully
2016-11-14BUG/MINOR: ssl: Print correct filename when error occurs reading OCSP
2016-11-14BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Store certificate filename in a variable
2016-11-14BUG/MEDIUM: channel: bad unlikely macro
2016-11-09BUG: vars: Fix 'set-var' converter because of a typo
2016-11-07BUG/MEDIUM: servers: properly propagate the maintenance states during startup
2016-11-07BUG/MINOR: srv-state: allow to have both CMAINT and FDRAIN flags
2016-11-07BUG/MEDIUM: srv-state: properly restore the DRAIN state
2016-11-03BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: return correct exit codes
2016-10-31BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix use after free in peer_session_create()
2016-10-31BUG/MEDIUM: peers: on shutdown, wake up the appctx, not the stream
2016-10-25BUG/MEDIUM: systemd: let the wrapper know that haproxy has completed or failed
2016-10-25BUG/MINOR: systemd: check return value of calloc()
2016-10-25BUG/MINOR: systemd: always restore signals before execve()
2016-10-25BUG/MINOR: systemd: make the wrapper return a non-null status code on error
2016-10-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: prevent multiple entries for the same certificate
2016-10-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: Check malloc return code
2016-10-21BUG/MINOR: vars: smp_fetch_var() doesn't depend on HTTP but on the session
2016-10-21BUG/MINOR: vars: make smp_fetch_var() more robust against misuses
2016-10-21BUG/MINOR: vars: use sess and not s->sess in action_store()
2016-10-01BUG/MEDIUM: dns: don't randomly crash on out-of-memory
2016-10-01BUG/MINOR: stats: report the correct conn_time in backend's html output
2016-09-23BUG/MEDIUM: http/compression: Fix how chunked data are copied during the HTTP body parsing
2016-09-13BUG/MINOR: displayed PCRE version is running release
2016-09-11BUG/MINOR: Fix OSX compilation errors
2016-08-30BUG/MINOR: payload: fix SSLv2 version parser
2016-08-29BUG/MAJOR: stream: properly mark the server address as unset on connect retry
2016-08-14BUG/MAJOR: stick-counters: possible crash when using sc_trackers with wrong table
2016-08-14BUG/MINOR: peers: empty chunks after a resync.
2016-08-10BUG/MINOR: peers: some updates are pushed twice after a resync.
2016-08-09BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: properly convert binary samples to keys
2016-08-09BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: do not fail on string keys with no allocated size
2016-08-09BUG/MAJOR: server: the "sni" directive could randomly cause trouble
2016-08-09BUG/MEDIUM: samples: make smp_dup() always duplicate the sample
2016-08-08BUG/MAJOR: compression: initialize avail_in/next_in even during flush
2016-08-07BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: completely detach connection on connect error
2016-08-03BUG/MEDIUM: lua: somme HTTP manipulation functions are called without valid requests
2016-07-26BUG/MEDIUM: log: use function "escape_string" instead of "escape_chunk"
2016-07-26BUG/MINOR: peers: don't count track-sc multiple times on errors
2016-07-26BUG/MINOR: peers: Fix peers data decoding issue
2016-07-14BUG/MEDIUM: lua: the function txn_done() from action wrapper can crash
2016-07-14BUG/MEDIUM: lua: the function txn_done() from sample fetches can crash
2016-07-13BUG/MINOR: Fix endiness issue in DNS header creation code
2016-07-13BUG/MEDIUM: dns: fix alignment issues in the DNS response parser
2016-07-12BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in ssl_sock_load_dh_params()
2016-06-30Revert "BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in ssl_sock_load_dh_params()"
2016-06-28BUG/MINOR: Rework slightly commit 9962f8fc to clean code and avoid mistakes
2016-06-28BUG/MEDIUM: http: unbreak uri/header/url_param hashing
2016-06-24BUG/BUILD: don't automatically run "make" on "make install"
2016-06-24BUG/MINOR: http: fix misleading error message for response captures
2016-06-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: close ssl key file on error
2016-06-22BUG/MINOR: srv-state: fix incorrect output of state file
2016-06-21BUG/MINOR: filters: Fix HTTP parsing when a filter loops on data forwarding
2016-06-21BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Fix data filtering when data are modified
2016-06-21BUG/MINOR: external-checks: do not unblock undesired signals
2016-06-21BUG/MAJOR: external-checks: use asynchronous signal delivery
2016-06-21BUG/MEDIUM: external-checks: close all FDs right after the fork()
2016-06-21BUG/MINOR: init: ensure that FD limit is raised to the max allowed
2016-06-21BUG/MINOR: init: always ensure that global.rlimit_nofile matches actual limits
2016-06-17BUG/MINOR: fix http-response set-log-level parsing error
2016-06-16BUG/MINOR: http: url32+src should check cli_conn before using it
2016-06-16BUG/MINOR: http: url32+src should use the big endian version of url32
2016-06-14BUG/MEDIUM: dumpstats: undefined behavior in stats_tlskeys_list()
2016-06-12BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in ssl_sock_load_dh_params()
2016-06-08BUG/MEDIUM: http: add-header: buffer overwritten
2016-06-08BUG/MINOR: http: add-header: header name copied twice
2016-06-08BUG/MEDIUM: lua: converters doesn't work
2016-06-07BUG/MEDIUM: sticktables: segfault in some configuration error cases
2016-05-31BUG/MEDIUM: fix risk of segfault with "show tls-keys"
2016-05-27BUG/MEDIUM: stats: show servers state may show an servers from another backend
2016-05-26BUG/MEDIUM: config: fix multiple declaration of section parsers
2016-05-25BUG/MEDIUM: dns: unbreak DNS resolver after header fix
2016-05-25BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: fix breakage in table converters
2016-05-25BUG/MAJOR: http: fix breakage of "reqdeny" causing random crashes
2016-05-19BUG/MINOR: fix listening IP address storage for frontends (cont)
2016-05-19BUG/MAJOR: fix listening IP address storage for frontends
2016-05-19BUG/MEDIUM: init: don't use environment locale
2016-05-09BUG/MEDIUM: dns: fix alignment issue when building DNS queries
2016-05-09BUG/MINOR: dns: fix DNS header definition
2016-05-06BUG/MEDIUM: stats: show backend may show an empty or incomplete result
2016-05-06BUG/MEDIUM: stats: show servers state may show an empty or incomplete result
2016-05-04BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix inconsistent handling of 4GB-1 transfers
2016-05-04BUG/MEDIUM: stream: ensure the SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag is properly cleared
2016-05-03BUG/MAJOR: channel: fix miscalculation of available buffer space (4th try)
2016-05-02BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix risk of CPU spikes with pipelined requests from dead client
2016-05-02BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix incorrect reporting of server errors
2016-04-29BUG/MINOR: log: fix a typo that would cause %HP to log
2016-04-29BUG/MINOR: dumpstats: Fix the "Total bytes saved" counter in backends stats
2016-04-29BUG/MEDIUM: lua: protects the upper boundary of the argument list for converters/fetches.
2016-04-25BUG/MEDIUM: log: fix risk of segfault when logging HTTP fields in TCP mode
2016-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix miscalculation of available buffer space (3rd try)
2016-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: channel: incorrect polling condition may delay event delivery
2016-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: channel: don't allow to overwrite the reserve until connected
2016-04-15BUG/MINOR: fix maxaccept computation according to the frontend process range
2016-04-14BUG/MINOR: listener: stop unbound listeners on startup
2016-04-14BUG/MEDIUM: fix maxaccept computation on per-process listeners
2016-04-12BUG/MEDIUM: sample: initialize the pointer before parse_binary call.
2016-04-12BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: couple of small memory leaks.
2016-04-12BUG/MINOR: server: risk of over reading the pref_net array.
2016-04-11BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix miscalculation of available buffer space (2nd try)
2016-04-09BUG/MEDIUM: trace.c: rdtsc() is defined in two files
2016-04-06BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: rewind the BIO when reading certificates
2016-04-06BUG/MINOR : allow to log cookie for tarpit and denied request
2016-04-05BUG/MINOR: DNS: resolution structure change
2016-04-05BUG/MINOR: dns: trigger a DNS query type change on resolution timeout
2016-04-05BUG/MINOR: dns: inapropriate way out after a resolution timeout
2016-04-05BUG/MINOR: dumpstats: fix write to global chunk
2016-03-30BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: some sample-fetch doesn't work in the connection state.
2016-03-30BUG/MINOR: prevent the dump of uninitialized vars
2016-03-30BUG/MINOR: lua: can't load external libraries
2016-03-29BUG/MAJOR: Fix crash in http_get_fhdr with exactly MAX_HDR_HISTORY headers
2016-03-29BUG/MEDIUM: Fix RFC5077 resumption when more than TLS_TICKETS_NO are present
2016-03-25BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix incorrect age in frequency counters
2016-03-19BUG/MINOR: conf: "listener id" expects integer, but its not checked
2016-03-17BUG/MINOR: log: Don't use strftime() which can clobber timezone if chrooted
2016-03-13BUG/MINOR: log: GMT offset not updated when entering/leaving DST
2016-03-13BUG/MINOR: pattern: Avoid memory leak on out-of-memory condition
2016-03-13BUG/MINOR: standard: Avoid free of non-allocated pointer
2016-03-10BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix usage of the various sample fetch functions
2016-03-10BUG/MAJOR: vars: always retrieve the stream and session from the sample
2016-03-10BUG/MAJOR: samples: check smp->strm before using it
2016-03-08BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck: fix incorrect list usage resulting in failure to load certain configs
2016-03-07BUG/MEDIUM: cfgparse: wrong argument offset after parsing server "sni" keyword
2016-02-27BUG/MINOR: systemd: propagate the correct signal to haproxy
2016-02-27BUG/MINOR: systemd: report the correct signal in debug message output
2016-02-27BUG/MINOR: systemd: ensure we don't miss signals
2016-02-25BUG/MEDIUM: chunks: always reject negative-length chunks
2016-02-24BUG/MINOR: server: fix the format of the warning on address change
2016-02-24BUG/MEDIUM: stats: stats bind-process doesn't propagate the process mask correctly
2016-02-23BUG/MINOR: lua: Useless copy
2016-02-23BUG/MINOR: server: some prototypes are renamed
2016-02-20BUG/MAJOR: lua: applets can't sleep.
2016-02-19BUG/MAJOR: lua: segfault using Concat object
2016-02-12BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix off-by-one in NPN list allocation
2016-02-12BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix off-by-one in ALPN list allocation
2016-02-11BUG/MINOR: lua: unsafe initialization
2016-02-09BUG/MINOR: stats: fix missing comma in stats on agent drain
2016-02-09BUG/MINOR: ssl: Be sure to use unique serial for regenerated certificates
2016-02-03BUG/MEDIUM: http-reuse: do not share private connections across backends
2016-02-03BUG/MAJOR: http-reuse: fix risk of orphaned connections
2016-02-03BUG: stream_interface: Reuse connection even if the output channel is empty
2016-01-27BUG/CLEANUP: CLI: report the proper field states in "show sess"
2016-01-25BUG/MINOR: counters: make the sc-inc-gpc0 and sc-set-gpt0 touch the table
2016-01-25BUG/MINOR: stream: don't force retries if the server is DOWN
2016-01-25BUG/MEDIUM: buffers: do not round up buffer size during allocation
2016-01-25BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix miscalculation of available buffer space.
2016-01-22BUG/MEDIUM: sample: http_date() doesn't provide the right day of the week
2016-01-21BUG/MEDIUM: config: Adding validation to stick-table expire value.
2016-01-21BUG/MEDIUM: servers state: server port is used uninitialized
2016-01-21BUG/MAJOR: servers state: server port is erased when dns resolution is enabled on a server
2016-01-21BUG/MEDIUM: dns: no DNS resolution happens if no ports provided to the nameserver
2016-01-18BUG/MINOR: examples: Fixing haproxy.spec to remove references to .cfg files
2016-01-13BUG/MINOR: 51d: Aligned const pointers to changes in 51Degrees.
2016-01-13BUG/MINOR: 51d: Releases workset back to pool.
2016-01-13BUG/MINOR: 51d: Aligns Pattern cache implementation with HAProxy best practices.
2016-01-13BUG/MINOR: 51d: Ensures a unique domain for each configuration
2016-01-04BUG/MINOR: chunk: make chunk_dup() always check and set dst->size
2015-12-28BUG/MINOR: http: Be sure to process all the data received from a server
2015-12-27BUG/MINOR: http: fix several off-by-one errors in the url_param parser
2015-12-22BUG/MINOR: stream: bad return code
2015-12-20BUG/MAJOR: lua: Do not force the HTTP analysers in use-services
2015-12-20BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Forbid HTTP applets from being called from tcp rulesets
2015-12-20BUG/MINOR: lua: Lua applets must not use http_txn
2015-12-20BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Lua applets must not fetch samples using http_txn
2015-12-16BUG/MEDIUM: peers: old stick table updates could be repushed.
2015-12-16BUG/MEDIUM: peers: table entries learned from a remote are pushed to others after a random delay.
2015-12-14BUG/MEDIUM: config: properly adjust maxconn with nbproc when memmax is forced
2015-12-07BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix http-reuse when frontend and backend differ
2015-12-04BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck: conf parsing error when no port configured on server and first rule(s) is (are) COMMENT
2015-12-04BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck: conf parsing error when no port configured on server and last rule is a CONNECT with no port
2015-12-04BUG/MINOR: checks: typo in an email-alert error message
2015-12-04BUG/MINOR: checks: email-alert causes a segfault when an unknown mailers section is configured
2015-12-04BUG/MEDIUM: checks: email-alert not working when declared in defaults
2015-12-03BUG/MEDIUM: da: stop DeviceAtlas processing in the convertor if there is no input.
2015-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: sample: urlp can't match an empty value
2015-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: cli: changing compression rate-limiting must require admin level
2015-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: stream: fix half-closed timeout handling
2015-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: http: don't enable auto-close on the response side
2015-11-26BUG/MINOR: lua: don't force-sslv3 LUA's SSL socket
2015-11-18BUG/MEDIUM: http: switch the request channel to no-delay once done.
2015-11-13BUG: http: do not abort keep-alive connections on server timeout
2015-11-06BUG/MEDIUM: lua: clean output buffer
2015-11-05BUG/MINOR: acl: don't use record layer in req_ssl_ver
2015-11-05BUG/MINOR: server: check return value of fgets() in apply_server_state()
2015-11-04BUG/MINOR: http rule: http capture 'id' rule points to a non existing id
2015-11-03BUG/MEDIUM: lua: sample fetches based on response doesn't work
2015-11-03BUG/MINOR: dns: check for duplicate nameserver id in a resolvers section was missing
2015-11-02BUG/MAJOR: http: don't requeue an idle connection that is already queued
2015-11-02BUG/BUILD: replace haproxy-systemd-wrapper with $(EXTRA) in install-bin.
2015-11-01BUG/MINOR: examples/haproxy.init: missing brace in quiet_check()
2015-10-30BUG/MINOR: dns: unable to parse CNAMEs response
2015-10-30BUG/MAJOR: dns: first DNS response packet not matching queried hostname may lead to a loop
2015-10-29BUG/MEDIUM: config: count memory limits on 64 bits, not 32
2015-10-28DEBUG/MEDIUM: memory: add optional control pool memory operations
2015-10-28DEBUG/MEDIUM: memory: optionally protect free data in pools
2015-10-28DEBUG/MINOR: memory: add a build option to disable memory pools sharing
2015-10-20BUG/MAJOR: ssl: free the generated SSL_CTX if the LRU cache is disabled
2015-10-20BUG/MEDIUM: namespaces: don't fail if no namespace is used
2015-10-15BUG/MINOR: dns: parsing error of some DNS response
2015-10-13BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: fixup use_after_free in the pat_ref_delete_by_id
2015-10-13BUG/MINOR: config: make the stats socket pass the correct proxy to the parsers
2015-10-13BUG/MEDIUM: lua: direction test failed
2015-10-12BUG/MINOR: Handle interactive mode in cli handler
2015-10-10BUG/MEDIUM: logs: fix time zone offset format in RFC5424
2015-10-09BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix management of the cache where forged certificates are stored
2015-10-09BUG/MINOR: http: Add OPTIONS in supported http methods (found by find_http_meth)
2015-10-07BUG/MEDIUM: lua: force server-close mode on Lua services
2015-10-02BUG: config: external-check command validation is checking for incorrect arguments.
2015-10-02BUG/MEDIUM: str2ip: make getaddrinfo() consider local address selection policy
2015-10-02BUG/MEDIUM: logs: segfault writing to log from Lua
2015-09-29BUG/MEDIUM: server: fix misuse of format string in load-server-state's warnings
2015-09-29BUG/MINOR: tcp: make silent-drop always force a TCP reset
2015-09-28BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: fix inverted condition to call custom actions
2015-09-28BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: do not wake stopped proxies' tasks during soft_stop()
2015-09-28BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: ignore stopped peers
2015-09-28BUG/MEDIUM: main: Freeing a bunch of static pointers
2015-09-28BUG/MINOR: config: check that tune.bufsize is always positive
2015-09-28BUG/MEDIUM: lua: don't reset undesired flags in hlua_ctx_resume
2015-09-27BUG/MEDIUM: lua: socket destroy before reading pending data
2015-09-27BUG/MEDIUM: lua: wakeup task on bad conditions
2015-09-27BUG/MEDIUM: lua: forces a garbage collection
2015-09-26BUG/MEDIUM: lua: properly set the target on the connection
2015-09-26BUG/MEDIUM: lua: better fix for the protocol check
2015-09-26BUG/MEDIUM: lua: longjmp function must be unregistered
2015-09-26DEBUG: add p_malloc() to return a poisonned memory area
2015-09-26BUG/MAJOR: lua: segfault after the channel data is modified by some Lua action.
2015-09-25BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: avoid double-call to applet->release
2015-09-25BUG/MEDIUM: cli: properly handle closed output
2015-09-25BUG/MINOR: stats: do not call cli_release_handler 3 times
2015-09-25BUG/MEDIUM: applet: fix reporting of broken write situation
2015-09-25BUG/MAJOR: applet: use a separate run queue to maintain list integrity
2015-09-24BUG/MEDIUM: acl: always accept match "found"
2015-09-24BUG/MEDIUM: payload: make req.payload and payload_lv aware of dynamic buffers
2015-09-23BUG/MEDIUM: stream: do not dereference strm_li(stream)
2015-09-23BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: do not dereference strm_li(stream)
2015-09-23BUG/MEDIUM: http: do not dereference strm_li(stream)
2015-09-23BUG/MAJOR: cli: do not dereference strm_li()->proto->name
2015-09-22BUG/MINOR: fct peer_prepare_ackmsg should not use trash.
2015-09-22BUG/MEDIUM: peers: same table updates re-pushed after a re-connect
2015-09-22BUG/MEDIUM: peers: some table updates are randomly not pushed.
2015-09-22BUG: dns: can't connect UDP socket on FreeBSD
2015-09-21BUG/MINOR: args: add name for ARGT_VAR
2015-09-21BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: fix double-decrement of tracked entries
2015-09-21BUG/MAJOR: peers: fix a crash when stopping peers on unbound processes
2015-09-18BUG/MAJOR: can't enable a server through the stat socket
2015-09-17BUG/MINOR: lua: breaks the log message if his size exceed one buffer
2015-09-17BUG/MAJOR: lua: potential unexpected aborts()
2015-09-10BUG/MINOR: DNS request retry counter used for retry only
2015-09-09BUG/MINOR: lua: last log character truncated.
2015-09-08BUG/MEDIUM: dns: use the correct server hostname when resolving
2015-09-08BUG/MINOR: tools: make str2sa_range() report unresolvable addresses
2015-09-08BUG/MAJOR: dns: dns client resolution infinite loop
2015-09-08BUG/MEDIUM: dns: DNS resolution doesn't start
2015-09-07BUG/MAJOR: http: don't call http_send_name_header() after an error
2015-09-06BUG/MEDIUM: lua: outgoing connection was broken since 1.6-dev2 (bis)
2015-09-03BUG/MINOR: http: remove stupid HTTP_METH_NONE entry
2015-09-02BUG/MAJOR: http: don't manipulate the server connection if it's killed
2015-08-28BUG/MEDIUM: dns: wrong first time DNS resolution
2015-08-28BUG/MEDIUM: lua: fix a segfault in txn:done() if called twice
2015-08-28BUG/MEDIUM: lua: cannot process more Lua hooks after a "done()" function call
2015-08-28BUG/MEDIUM: lua: txn:done() still causes a segfault in TCP mode
2015-08-27BUG/MINOR: lua: in some case a sample may remain undefined
2015-08-25BUG/MEDIUM: lua: the lua fucntion Channel:close() causes a segfault
2015-08-25BUG/MEDIUM: lua: outgoing connection was broken since 1.6-dev2
2015-08-21BUG/MAJOR: peers: fix current table pointer not re-initialized on session release.
2015-08-21BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix wrong message id on stick table updates acknowledgement.
2015-08-20BUG/MINOR: ssl: TLS Ticket Key rotation broken via socket command
2015-08-19BUG/MEDIUM: lua: bad error processing
2015-08-18BUG/MEDIUM: counters: ensure that src_{inc,clr}_gpc0 creates a missing entry
2015-08-18BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: refcount error after copying SC for the session to the stream
2015-08-17BUG/MEDIUM: vars: segfault during the configuration parsing
2015-08-16BUG/MEDIUM: stream: The stream doen't inherit SC from the session
2015-08-11BUG/MINOR: proto_tcp: custom action continue is ignored
2015-08-10BUG/MEDIUM: lua: timeout error with converters, wrapper and actions.
2015-08-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Lua tasks fail to start.
2015-08-08BUG/MEDIUM: DNS resolution response parsing broken
2015-07-22BUG/MEDIUM: mailer: DATA part must be terminated with .
2015-07-22BUG/MAJOR: dns: fix the length of the string to be copied
2015-07-20BUG/MINOR: http/sample: gmtime/localtime can fail
2015-07-20BUG/MINOR: payload: Add volatile flag to smp_fetch_req_ssl_ec_ext
2015-07-18BUG/MINOR: dns: wrong time unit for some DNS default parameters
2015-07-10BUG/MINOR: lua: type error in the arguments wrapper
2015-07-09BUG/MINOR: log: missing some ARGC_* entries in fmt_directives()
2015-07-07BUG/MEDIUM: 51d: possible incorrect operations on smp->data.str.str
2015-07-04BUG/MAJOR: tcp: tcp rulesets were still broken
2015-07-03BUG/MAJOR: connection: fix TLV offset calculation for proxy protocol v2 parsing
2015-07-02BUG/MAJOR: buffers: make the buffer_slow_realign() function respect output data
2015-06-23BUG/MEDIUM: vars: do not freeze the connection when the expression cannot be fetched
2015-06-17BUG/MEDIUM: lru: fix possible memory leak when ->free() is used
2015-06-17BUG/MEDIUM: logs: fix improper systematic use of quotes with a few tags
2015-06-17BUG/MAJOR: lru: fix unconditional call to free due to unexpected semi-colon
2015-06-17BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix smp_fetch_ssl_fc_session_id
2015-06-17BUG/MINOR: vars/compil: fix some warnings
2015-06-16BUG/MAJOR: sample: regression on sample cast to stick table types.
2015-06-13BUG/MINOR: sample: wrong conversion of signed values
2015-06-13BUG/MEDIUM: compat: fix segfault on FreeBSD
2015-06-11BUG/MEDIUM: init: segfault if global._51d_property_names is not initialized
2015-06-09BUG/MINOR: debug: display (null) in place of "meth"
2015-06-02BUG/MINOR: da: fix log-level comparison to emove annoying warning
2015-05-29BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix body processing for the stats applet
2015-05-28BUG/MEDIUM: cfgparse: segfault when userlist is misused
2015-05-28BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: fix typo in 'option httplog' error message
2015-05-28BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix tune.ssl.default-dh-param value being overwritten
2015-05-25BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix the url_param fetch
2015-05-20BUG/MEDIUM: peers: apply a random reconnection timeout
2015-05-13BUG/MAJOR: checks: break infinite loops when tcp-checks starts with comment
2015-05-13BUG/MEDIUM: checks: do not dereference a list as a tcpcheck struct
2015-05-13BUG/MAJOR: checks: always check for end of list before proceeding
2015-05-13BUG/MEDIUM: checks: do not dereference head of a tcp-check at the end
2015-05-12BUG/MEDIUM: cfgparse: incorrect memmove in quotes management
2015-05-12BUG/MAJOR: check: fix breakage of inverted tcp-check rules
2015-05-12BUG/MINOR: check: fix tcpcheck error message
2015-05-11BUG/MEDIUM: http: don't forward client shutdown without NOLINGER except for tunnels
2015-05-08BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix the http-request capture parser
2015-05-04BUG/MEDIUM: config: properly compute the default number of processes for a proxy
2015-05-04BUG/MEDIUM: stats: properly initialize the scope before dumping stats
2015-05-02BUG/MAJOR: http: prevent risk of reading past end with balance url_param
2015-05-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: wait for the exact amount of body bytes in wait_for_request_body
2015-05-01BUG/MINOR: config: clear proxy->table.peers.p for disabled proxies
2015-05-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: remove content-length form responses with bad transfer-encoding
2015-05-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: incorrect transfer-coding in the request is a bad request
2015-05-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: do not restrict parsing of transfer-encoding to HTTP/1.1
2015-05-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: remove content-length from chunked messages
2015-04-29BUG/MEDIUM: check: tcpcheck regression introduced by e16c1b3f
2015-04-27BUG/MEDIUM: peers: recent applet changes broke peers updates scheduling
2015-04-27BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix applet scheduling
2015-04-27BUG/MEDIUM: http: functions set-{path,query,method,uri} breaks the HTTP parser
2015-04-24BUG/MAJOR: tcp: only call registered actions when they're registered
2015-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: http: properly retrieve the front connection
2015-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: always reset si->ops when si->end is nullified
2015-04-20BUG/MAJOR: tcp/http: fix current_rule assignment when restarting over a ruleset
2015-04-20BUG/MEDIUM: init: don't limit cpu-map to the first 32 processes only
2015-04-14BUG/MEDIUM: listener: don't report an error when resuming unbound listeners
2015-04-11BUG/MINOR: ssl: Display correct filename in error message
2015-04-06BUG/MAJOR: lua: use correct object size when initializing a new converter
2015-04-03BUG/MAJOR: http: null-terminate the http actions keywords list
2015-04-01BUG/MEDIUM: http: hdr_cnt would not count any header when called without name
2015-03-28BUG/MINOR: compression: consider the expansion factor in init
2015-03-18BUG/MINOR: lua: Fix SSL initialisation
2015-03-17BUG/MEDIUM: http: the function "(req|res)-replace-value" doesn't respect the HTTP syntax
2015-03-16BUG/MAJOR: http: don't read past buffer's end in http_replace_value
2015-03-14BUG/MEDIUM: lua: undetected infinite loop
2015-03-14BUG/MEDIUM: http: the action set-{method|path|query|uri} doesn't run.
2015-03-13BUG/MEDIUM: peers: correctly configure the client timeout
2015-03-13BUG/MINOR: lua: set current proxy as default value if it is possible
2015-03-13BUG/MINOR: lua: error in detection of mandatory arguments
2015-03-13BUG/MINOR: utf8: remove compilator warning
2015-03-13BUG/MEDIUM: lua: bad argument number in analyser and in error message
2015-03-10Revert "BUG/MEDIUM: lua: can't handle the response bytes"
2015-03-10BUG/MAJOR: http: fix stats regression consecutive to HTTP_RULE_RES_YIELD
2015-03-10BUG/MINOR: lua: report the correct function name in an error message
2015-03-10BUG/MEDIUM: buffer: one byte miss in buffer free space check
2015-03-10BUG/BUILD: lua: The strict Lua 5.3 version check is not done.
2015-03-09BUG/MINOR: lua: sockets receive behavior doesn't follows the specs
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: cannot connect socket
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: sockets don't have buffer to write data
2015-03-09BUG/MINOR: log: segfault if there are no proxy reference
2015-03-09BUG/MINOR: lua: check buffers before initializing socket
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: segfault with buffer_replace2
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: can't handle the response bytes
2015-03-09BUG/MAJOR: lua: some function are not yieldable, the forced yield causes errors
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: many errors when we try to send data with the channel API
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: the Lua process is not waked up after sending data on requests side
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: fix infinite loop about channel
2015-03-09BUG/MEDIUM: lua: reset flags before resuming execution
2015-03-09BUG/MINOR: lua: set buffer if it is nnot avalaible.
2015-03-05BUG/MEDIUM: lua: the execution timeout is ignored in yield case
2015-03-05BUG/MEDIUM: task: fix recently introduced scheduler skew
2015-03-04BUG/MAJOR: lua: send function fails and return bad bytes
2015-03-02BUG/MEDIUM: lua: segfault when calling haproxy sample fetches from lua
2015-02-26BUG/MEDIUM: Do not consider an agent check as failed on L7 error
2015-02-23BUG/MINOR: don't start haproxy on reload
2015-02-20BUG/MINOR: ARG6 and ARG7 don't fit in a 32 bits word
2015-02-14BUG/MAJOR: peers: initialize s->buffer_wait when creating the session
2015-02-06BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: some entries are not deleted with case insensitive match
2015-02-06BUG/MINOR: pattern: error message missing
2015-01-31BUG/MINOR: stats:Fix incorrect printf type.
2015-01-30BUG/MINOR: http: abort request processing on filter failure
2015-01-30BUG/MINOR: checks: prevent http keep-alive with http-check expect
2015-01-29BUG/MINOR: http: fix incorrect header value offset in replace-hdr/replace-value
2015-01-28BUG/MINOR: parse: check the validity of size string in a more strict way
2015-01-23BUG/MINOR: sample: fix case sensitivity for the regsub converter
2015-01-23MEDIUM/BUG: Only explicitly report "DOWN (agent)" if the agent health is zero
2015-01-23BUG/MEDIUM: Do not set agent health to zero if server is disabled in config
2015-01-21BUG/MEDIUM: http: make http-request set-header compute the string before removal
2015-01-21BUG/MINOR: args: add missing entry for ARGT_MAP in arg_type_names
2015-01-15BUG/MAJOR: log: don't try to emit a log if no logger is set
2015-01-14BUG/MEDIUM: channel: don't schedule data in transit for leaving until connected
2015-01-14BUG/MINOR: channel: compare to_forward with buf->i, not buf->size
2015-01-14BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix possible integer overflow on reserved size computation
2015-01-07BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix header removal when previous header ends with pure LF
2015-01-04BUG/MEDIUM: backend: correctly detect the domain when use_domain_only is used
2014-12-24BUG/MEDIUM: compression: correctly report zlib_mem
2014-12-24BUG/MAJOR: namespaces: conn->target is not necessarily a server
2014-12-23BUG/MEDIUM: memory: fix freeing logic in pool_gc2()
2014-12-23BUG/MAJOR: stream-int: properly check the memory allocation return
2014-12-19BUG/MAJOR: ns: HAProxy segfault if the cli_conn is not from a network connection
2014-12-18BUG/MEDIUM: config: do not propagate processes between stopped processes
2014-12-18BUG/MINOR: config: fix typo in condition when propagating process binding
2014-12-18BUG/MINOR: parse: refer curproxy instead of proxy
2014-12-17BUG/MINOR: http: fix typo: "401 Unauthorized" => "407 Unauthorized"
2014-12-10BUG/MEDIUM: sample: fix random number upper-bound
2014-12-08BUG/MEDIUM: tcp-checks: disable quick-ack unless next rule is an expect
2014-12-08BUG/MEDIUM: tcp-check: don't rely on random memory contents
2014-12-08BUG/MINOR: tcp-check: don't condition data polling on check type
2014-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: payload: ensure that a request channel is available
2014-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: patterns: previous fix was incomplete
2014-11-25BUG/MAJOR: sessions: unlink session from list on out of memory
2014-11-25DEBUG: pools: apply poisonning on every allocated pool
2014-11-24BUG/MINOR: samples: fix unnecessary memcopy converting binary to string.
2014-11-24BUG/MINOR: peers: the buffer size is global.tune.bufsize, not trash.size
2014-11-24BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: don't load more than once a pattern list.
2014-11-21BUG/MINOR: stats: correctly set the request/response analysers
2014-11-21BUG/MEDIUM: connection: sanitize PPv2 header length before parsing address information
2014-11-18BUG/MAJOR: frontend: initialize capture pointers earlier
2014-11-18BUG/MINOR: config: don't inherit the default balance algorithm in frontends
2014-11-16BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix conflicts between agent checks and ssl healthchecks
2014-11-13BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: force a full GC in case of memory shortage
2014-11-13BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix bad ssl context init can cause segfault in case of OOM.
2014-10-31BUG/MAJOR: buffer: check the space left is enough or not when input data in a buffer is wrapped
2014-10-31BUG/BUILD: revert accidental change in the makefile from latest SSL fix
2014-10-30BUG/MINOR: ssl: correctly initialize ssl ctx for invalid certificates
2014-10-29BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: don't use SO_ORIGINAL_DST on non-AF_INET sockets
2014-10-29BUG/MEDIUM: regex: fix pcre_study error handling
2014-10-24BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: fix outgoing polling based on proxy protocol
2014-10-22BUG/MINOR: log: fix request flags when keep-alive is enabled
2014-10-22BUG/MAJOR: cli: explicitly call cli_release_handler() upon error
2014-10-22BUG/MEDIUM: http: don't dump debug headers on MSG_ERROR
2014-10-17BUG/MEDIUM: backend: fix URI hash when a query string is present
2014-10-17BUG/MINOR: config: do not accept more track-sc than configured
2014-10-10BUG/MEDIUM: config: avoid skipping disabled proxies
2014-10-09BUG/MEDIUM: systemd: set KillMode to 'mixed'
2014-10-02BUG/MINOR: config: don't propagate process binding for dynamic use_backend
2014-10-02BUG/MINOR: tcp-check: report the correct failed step in the status
2014-10-02BUG/MEDIUM: check: rule-less tcp-check must detect connect failures
2014-10-01BUG/MINOR: config: don't propagate process binding on fatal errors.
2014-09-30BUG/MEDIUM: http: adjust close mode when switching to backend
2014-09-24BUG/MEDIUM: remove debugging code from systemd-wrapper
2014-09-16BUG/MEDIUM: config: propagate frontend to backend process binding again.
2014-09-02BUG/CRITICAL: http: don't update msg->sov once data start to leave the buffer
2014-08-29BUG/MEDIUM: config: userlists should ensure that encrypted passwords are supported
2014-08-29BUG/MEDIUM: auth: fix segfault with http-auth and a configuration with an unknown encryption algorithm
2014-08-29BUG/MEDIUM: acl: correctly compute the output type when a converter is used
2014-08-29BUG/MINOR: pattern: remove useless allocation of unused trash in pat_parse_reg()
2014-08-29BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix improper parsing of HTTP methods for use with ACLs
2014-08-28BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix inverted condition in pat_match_meth()
2014-08-22BUG/MEDIUM: http: tarpit timeout is reset
2014-08-08BUG: config: error in http-response replace-header number of arguments
2014-08-07BUG/MINOR: checks: external checks shouldn't wait for timeout to return the result
2014-08-07BUG/MEDIUM: checks: segfault with external checks in a backend section
2014-08-07BUG/MEDIUM: checks: external checks can't change server status to UP
2014-07-30BUG/MAJOR: tcp: fix a possible busy spinning loop in content track-sc*
2014-07-29BUG/MINOR: Fix search for -p argument in systemd wrapper.
2014-07-29BUG/MINOR: server: move the directive #endif to the end of file
2014-07-19BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix proxy v2 header again!
2014-07-17BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix memory corruption when building a proxy v2 header
2014-07-15BUG/MINOR: http: base32+src should use the big endian version of base32
2014-07-15BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix a memory leak in DHE key exchange
2014-07-10BUG/MAJOR: http: correctly rewind the request body after start of forwarding
2014-07-08BUG/MEDIUM: backend: Update hash to use unsigned int throughout
2014-07-08BUG/MEDIUM: unix: completely unbind abstract sockets during a pause()
2014-07-08BUG/MEDIUM: unix: failed abstract socket binding is retryable
2014-07-08BUG/MINOR: listener: set the listener's fd to -1 after deletion
2014-07-02BUG/MEDIUM: unix: do not unlink() abstract namespace sockets upon failure.
2014-06-25BUG/MEDIUM: counters: fix track-sc* to wait on unstable contents
2014-06-25BUG/MAJOR: sample: correctly reinitialize sample fetch context before calling sample_process()
2014-06-25BUG/MINOR: counters: do not untrack counters before logging
2014-06-24BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix external function in order not to return a pointer on an internal trash buffer.
2014-06-24BUG/MEDIUM: http: fetch "base" is not compatible with set-header
2014-06-24BUG/MINOR: config: http-request replace-header arg typo
2014-06-23BUG/MINOR: logs: properly initialize and count log sockets
2014-06-23BUG/MAJOR: session: revert all the crappy client-side timeout changes
2014-06-23BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix OCSP resp update fails with the same certificate configured twice.
2014-06-23BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix to not serve expired OCSP responses.
2014-06-23BUG/MINOR: ssl: rejects OCSP response without nextupdate.
2014-06-20BUG/MEDIUM: Consistently use 'check' in process_chk
2014-06-17BUG/MINOR: http: fix typos in previous patch
2014-06-14BUG/MINOR: connection: make proxy protocol v1 support the UNKNOWN protocol
2014-06-11BUG/MEDIUM: Fix unhandled connections problem with systemd daemon mode and SO_REUSEPORT.
2014-06-11BUG/MEDIUM: fix ignored values for half-closed timeouts (client-fin and server-fin) in defaults section.
2014-06-11BUG/MEDIUM: http: clear CF_READ_NOEXP when preparing a new transaction
2014-05-27BUG/MEDIUM: regex: fix risk of buffer overrun in exp_replace()
2014-05-23BUG/MINOR: cli: "agent" was missing from the "enable"/"disable" help message
2014-05-21BUG/MINOR: stats: tracking servers may incorrectly report an inherited DRAIN status
2014-05-21BUG/MEDIUM: session: don't clear CF_READ_NOEXP if analysers are not called
2014-05-20BUG/MEDIUM: polling: fix possible CPU hogging of worker processes after receiving SIGUSR1.
2014-05-18BUG/MAJOR: config: don't free valid regex memory
2014-05-14BUG/MINOR: stats: do not report "100%" in the thottle column when server is draining
2014-05-13BUG/MINOR: checks: tcp-check must not stop on '\0' for binary checks
2014-05-13BUG/MEDIUM: config: a stats-less config crashes in 1.5-dev25
2014-05-12BUG/MINOR: stats: fix a typo on a closing tag for a server tracking another one
2014-05-10BUG/MINOR: checks: correctly configure the address family and protocol
2014-05-10BUG/MINOR: backend: only match IPv4 addresses with RDP cookies
2014-05-09BUG/MINOR: chunk: Fix function chunk_strcmp and chunk_strcasecmp match a substring.
2014-05-08BUG/MAJOR: session: recover the correct connection pointer in half-initialized sessions
2014-05-08BUG/MAJOR: ssl: Fallback to private session cache if current lock mode is not supported.
2014-05-07BUG/MEDIUM: http: disable server-side expiration until client has sent the body
2014-05-07BUG/MEDIUM: http: correctly report request body timeouts
2014-05-07BUG/MEDIUM: http/session: disable client-side expiration only after body
2014-04-30BUG/MAJOR: http: connection setup may stall on balance url_param
2014-04-29BUG/MINOR: auth: fix wrong return type in pat_match_auth()
2014-04-28BUG/MINOR: http: block rules forgot to increment the session's request counter
2014-04-28BUG/MINOR: http: block rules forgot to increment the denied_req counter
2014-04-28BUG/MINOR: http: log 407 in case of proxy auth
2014-04-28BUG/MINOR: proxy: unsafe initialization of HTTP transaction when switching from TCP frontend
2014-04-28BUG/MEDIUM: patterns: last fix was still not enough
2014-04-27BUG/MAJOR: patterns: -i and -n are ignored for inlined patterns
2014-04-26BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: a typo breaks automatic acl/map numbering
2014-04-25BUG/MINOR: ssl: really block OpenSSL's response to heartbleed attack
2014-04-25BUG/MEDIUM: Revert "MEDIUM: ssl: Add standardized DH parameters >= 1024 bits"
2014-04-25BUG/MAJOR: http: fix the 'next' pointer when performing a redirect
2014-04-24BUG/MEDIUM: stats: mismatch between behaviour and doc about front/back
2014-04-24BUG/MEDIUM: http: 100-continue responses must process the next part immediately
2014-04-24BUG/MAJOR: http: fix timeouts during data forwarding
2014-04-24BUG/MEDIUM: channel: bi_putblk() must not wrap before the end of buffer
2014-04-23BUG/MINOR: http: don't report server aborts as client aborts
2014-04-23BUG/MINOR: compression: correctly report incoming byte count
2014-04-23BUG/MINOR: stats: last session was not always set
2014-04-22BUG/MAJOR: http: fix bug in parse_qvalue() when selecting compression algo
2014-04-22BUG/MINOR: http: deinitialize compression after a compression error
2014-04-22BUG/MINOR: http: deinitialize compression after a parsing error
2014-04-15BUG/MAJOR: session: fix a possible crash with src_tracked
2014-04-15BUG/MINOR: log: Don't dump empty unique-id
2014-04-14BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: fix IPv4-to-IPv6 conversion in src_* fetches
2014-04-14BUG/MINOR: Fix name lookup ordering when compiled with USE_GETADDRINFO
2014-04-14BUG/MINOR: build: handle whitespaces in wc -l output
2014-04-14BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: fix locating of haproxy binary
2014-04-12BUG/MINOR: build: add missing objects in osx and bsd Makefiles
2014-04-10BUG/MINOR: acl: req_ssl_sni fails with SSLv3 record version
2014-04-09BUG/MAJOR: counters: check for null-deref when looking up an alternate table
2014-04-06BUG/MINOR: reject malformed HTTP/0.9 requests
2014-04-02BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: fix wrong definition of the pat_prune_fcts array
2014-03-17BUG/MEDIUM: acl: boolean only matches were broken by recent changes
2014-03-17BUG/MINOR: http: fix encoding of samples used in http headers
2014-03-14BUG/MEDIUM: http: don't start to forward request data before the connect
2014-03-14BUG/MINOR: log: The log of quotted capture header has been terminated by 2 quotes.
2014-03-12BUG/MEDIUM: map: The map parser includes blank lines.
2014-03-11BUG/MEDIUM: compression: fix the output type of the compressor name
2014-03-04BUG/MINOR: raw_sock: also consider ENOTCONN in addition to EAGAIN for recv()
2014-02-24BUG/MINOR: config: fix a crash on startup when a disabled backend references a peer
2014-02-24BUG/MEDIUM: http: continue to emit 503 on keep-alive to different server
2014-02-24BUG/MEDIUM: backend: prefer-last-server breaks redispatch
2014-02-18BUG/MINOR: config: server on-marked-* statement is ignored in default-server
2014-02-17BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: always send a full buffer after EAGAIN
2014-02-16BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix syntax in config error message
2014-02-16BUG/MEDIUM: config: immediately abort if peers section has no name
2014-02-16BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix key consistency for integer stick tables
2014-02-12BUG/MINOR: channel: initialize xfer_small/xfer_large on new buffers
2014-02-11BUG/MAJOR: check: fix memory leak in "tcp-check connect" over SSL
2014-02-10BUG/MEDIUM: stats: the "lastsess" field must appear last in the CSV.
2014-02-05BUG/MEDIUM: checks: immediately report a connection success
2014-02-04BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck connect wrong behavior
2014-02-02BUG/MINOR: raw_sock: correctly set the MSG_MORE flag
2014-01-31BUG/MEDIUM: listener: improve detection of non-working accept4()
2014-01-31BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix regression caused by recent switch to keep-alive by default
2014-01-31BUG/MEDIUM: http/auth: Sometimes the authentication credentials can be mix between two requests
2014-01-29BUG/MINOR: config: correctly report when log-format headers require HTTP mode
2014-01-29BUG/MINOR: cli: fix missing break in command line parser
2014-01-28BUG/MEDIUM: counters: fix stick-table entry leak when using track-sc2 in connection
2014-01-28BUG/MEDIUM: counters: flush content counters after each request
2014-01-27BUG/MINOR: sample: The c_str2int converter does not fail if the entry is not an integer
2014-01-27BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: "pat_parse_dotted_ver()" set bad expect_type.
2014-01-25BUG/MEDIUM: stream-interface: don't wake the task up before end of transfer
2014-01-25BUG/MAJOR: fix freezes during compression
2014-01-25BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: HTTP request counter is not stable
2014-01-25BUG/MINOR: payload: the patterns of the acl "req.ssl_ver" are no parsed with the good function.
2014-01-21BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: Segfault in binary parser
2014-01-20BUG/MEDIUM: polling: ensure we update FD status when there's no more activity
2014-01-17BUG/MAJOR: ssl: fix breakage caused by recent fix abf08d9
2014-01-15BUG/MEDIUM: map: segmentation fault with the stats's socket command "set map ..."
2014-01-15BUG/MAJOR: connection: fix mismatch between rcv_buf's API and usage
2014-01-14BUG/MINOR: pattern: pattern comparison executed twice
2014-01-13BUG: Revert "OPTIM: poll: restore polling after a poll/stop/want sequence"
2013-12-31BUG/MINOR: http: don't clear the SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag between requests
2013-12-28BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix HTTP/1.0 breakage introduced in previous patch
2013-12-28BUG/MINOR: stream-int: do not clear the owner upon unregister
2013-12-28BUG/MINOR: channel: CHN_INFINITE_FORWARD must be unsigned
2013-12-28BUG/MEDIUM: stats: the web interface must check the tracked servers before enabling
2013-12-28BUG/MEDIUM: checks: unchecked servers could not be enabled anymore
2013-12-24BUG/MINOR: http: always disable compression on HTTP/1.0
2013-12-23BUG/MINOR: checks: successful check completion must not re-enable MAINT servers
2013-12-20BUG: Revert "OPTIM/MEDIUM: epoll: fuse active events into polled ones during polling changes"
2013-12-20BUG/MEDIUM: backend: do not re-initialize the connection's context upon reuse
2013-12-17BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: fix the keep-alive idle connection handler
2013-12-16BUG/MINOR: acl: parser must also stop at comma on ACL-only keywords
2013-12-16BUG/MEDIUM: checks: servers must not start in slowstart mode
2013-12-16BUG/MINOR: stats: correctly report throttle rate of low weight servers
2013-12-16BUG/MEDIUM: http: cook_cnt() forgets to set its output type
2013-12-16BUG/MAJOR: patterns: fix double free caused by loading strings from files
2013-12-16BUG/MAJOR: session: repair tcp-request connection rules
2013-12-14BUG/MEDIUM: checks: tracking servers must not inherit the MAINT flag
2013-12-14BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure we can enable a server after boot
2013-12-13BUG/MEDIUM: sample: simplify and fix the argument parsing
2013-12-11BUG/MEDIUM: sample: conversion from str to ipv6 may read data past end
2013-12-11BUG/MEDIUM: map: Bad map file parser
2013-12-11BUG/MEDIUM: checks: agent doesn't get the response if server does not closes
2013-12-11BUG/MINOR: check_config_validity: check the returned value of stktable_init()
2013-12-10BUG/MEDIUM: channel: bo_getline() must wait for \n until buffer is full
2013-12-09BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: Pattern node has type of "struct pat_idx_elt" in place of "struct eb_node"
2013-12-09BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: complete the latest fix about store-responses
2013-12-06BUG/MEDIUM: stick: completely remove the unused flag from the store entries
2013-12-06BUG/MINOR: checks: tcp-check actions are enums, not flags
2013-12-06BUG/MINOR: acl: fix sample expression error reporting
2013-12-06BUG/MEDIUM: args: fix double free on error path in argument expression parser
2013-12-06BUG/MEDIUM: check: tcp-check might miss some outgoing data when socket buffers are full
2013-12-06BUG/MEDIUM: checks: tcp-check: do not poll when there's nothing to send
2013-12-06BUG/MINOR: map: The map list was declared in the map.h file
2013-12-06BUG/MINOR: acl: acl parser does not recognize empty converter list
2013-12-05BUG/MINOR: checks: do not trust errno in write event before any syscall
2013-12-05BUG/MEDIUM: acl: fix regression introduced by latest converters support
2013-12-04BUG/MINOR: connection: check EINTR when sending a PROXY header
2013-12-04BUG/MINOR: tcp: check that no error is pending during a connect probe
2013-12-04BUG/MEDIUM: checks: also update the DRAIN state from the web interface
2013-12-03BUG/MINOR: checks: don't consider errno and use conn->err_code
2013-12-03BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix a long-standing issue with reporting connection errors
2013-12-03BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix health check regression causing them to depend on declaration order
2013-12-03BUG/MINOR: http: usual deinit stuff in last commit
2013-12-02BUG/MINOR: log: fix log-format parsing errors
2013-12-02BUG/MINOR: config: report the correct track-sc number in tcp-rules
2013-12-01BUG/MINOR: backend: fix target address retrieval in transparent mode
2013-12-01BUG/MINOR: connection: fix typo in error message report
2013-11-28BUG/MINOR: arg: fix error reporting for add-header/set-header sample fetch arguments
2013-11-28BUG/MEDIUM: sample: The function v4tov6 cannot support input and output overlap
2013-11-28BUG/MINOR: stats: do not report "via" on tracking servers in maintenance
2013-11-28BUG/MAJOR: check: fix haproxy crash during soft-stop/soft-start
2013-11-27BUG/MAJOR: fix haproxy crash when using server tracking instead of checks
2013-11-21BUG/MAJOR: server: weight calculation fails for map-based algorithms
2013-11-21BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix slow start regression after fix attempt
2013-11-18BUG/MINOR: http: fix build warning introduced with url32/url32_src
2013-11-18BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix possible parser crash when parsing erroneous "http-request redirect" rules
2013-11-16BUG/MINOR: stats: don't count tarpitted connections twice
2013-11-14BUG/MINOR: acl: remove patterns from the tree before freeing them
2013-10-30BUG/MEDIUM: acl: do not evaluate next terms after a miss
2013-10-30BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: do not skip tracking rules on second pass
2013-10-30BUG/MINOR: peers: set the accept date in outgoing connections
2013-10-30BUG/MEDIUM: session: risk of crash on out of memory conditions
2013-10-22BUG/MINOR: acl: implicit arguments of ACL keywords were not properly resolved
2013-10-14BUG/MEDIUM: http: accept full buffers on smp_prefetch_http
2013-10-10BUG/MINOR: ssl: verifyhost does not match empty strings on wildcard.
2013-10-10BUG/MINOR: ssl: potential memory leaks using ssl_c_key_alg or ssl_c_sig_alg.
2013-10-06BUG/MINOR: deinit: free server map which is allocated in init_server_map()
2013-09-29BUG/MINOR: acl: fix improper string size assignment in proxy argument
2013-09-23BUG/MINOR: fix forcing fastinter in "on-error"
2013-09-17BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: potential memory leak using verifyhost
2013-09-03BUG/MEDIUM: fix broken send_proxy on FreeBSD
2013-08-31BUG/MINOR: log: junk at the end of syslog packet
2013-08-31BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: junk in log on empty unique_id
2013-08-13BUG/MEDIUM: unique_id: HTTP request counter must be unique!
2013-08-13BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table" must not kill entries that don't match condition
2013-08-13BUG/MINOR: use the same check condition for server as other algorithms
2013-07-22BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't call chk_snd() on polled events
2013-07-22BUG/MEDIUM: splicing: fix abnormal CPU usage with splicing
2013-07-22BUG/MEDIUM: server: set the macro for server's max weight SRV_UWGHT_MAX to SRV_UWGHT_RANGE
2013-07-06BUG/MAJOR: http: sample prefetch code was not properly migrated
2013-07-04BUG/MEDIUM: http: "option checkcache" fails with the no-cache header
2013-07-04BUG/MAJOR: http: don't emit the send-name-header when no server is available
2013-07-01BUG: counters: third counter was not stored if others unset
2013-06-26BUG/MINOR: deinit: free fdinfo while doing cleanup
2013-06-23BUG/MINOR: http: fix "set-tos" not working in certain configurations
2013-06-21BUG/MEDIUM: prevent gcc from moving empty keywords lists into BSS
2013-06-17BUG/CRITICAL: fix a possible crash when using negative header occurrences
2013-06-12BUG/MINOR: acl: correctly consider boolean fetches when doing casts
2013-06-08BUG/MAJOR: http: always ensure response buffer has some room for a response
2013-05-31BUG: ssl: fix crt-list for clients not supporting SNI
2013-05-31BUG: ssl: send payload gets corrupted if tune.ssl.maxrecord is used
2013-05-08BUG/MINOR: acl: fix a double free during exit when using PCRE_JIT
2013-04-28BUG/MEDIUM: compression: the deflate algorithm must use global settings as well
2013-04-26BUG/MEDIUM: shctx: makes the code independent on SSL runtime version.
2013-04-26BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: EDH ciphers are not usable if no DH parameters present in pem file.
2013-04-24BUG/MINOR: config: "source" does not work in defaults section
2013-04-23BUG/MINOR: fix unterminated ACL array in compression
2013-04-22BUG/MEDIUM: Fix crt-list file parsing error: filtered name was ignored.
2013-04-21BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix a regression when dealing with POST requests
2013-04-20BUG/MEDIUM: stats: allocate the stats frontend also on "stats bind-process"
2013-04-19BUG/MINOR: stats: the status bar does not appear anymore after a change
2013-04-19BUG/MINOR: stats: fix confirmation links on the stats interface
2013-04-15BUG/MINOR: jit: don't rely on USE flag to detect support
2013-04-14BUG/MAJOR: http: compression still has defects on chunked responses
2013-04-13BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table xx data.xx" does not work anymore
2013-04-13BUG/MINOR: cli: "clear table" did not work anymore without a key
2013-04-12BUG/MEDIUM: log: fix regression on log-format handling
2013-04-12BUG/MAJOR: backend: consistent hash can loop forever in certain circumstances
2013-04-11BUG/MAJOR: peers: fix an overflow when syncing strings larger than 16 bytes
2013-04-11BUG/MINOR: tcp: fix error reporting for TCP rules
2013-04-11BUG: regex: fix pcre compile error when using JIT
2013-04-07BUG/MAJOR: acl: add implicit arguments to the resolve list
2013-04-06BUG/MEDIUM: splicing is broken since 1.5-dev12
2013-04-03BUG/MINOR: http: add-header/set-header did not accept the ACL condition
2013-04-03BUG/CRITICAL: using HTTP information in tcp-request content may crash the process
2013-04-03BUG/MAJOR: http: fix regression introduced by commit d655ffe
2013-04-02BUG/MAJOR: http: fix regression introduced by commit a890d072
2013-04-02BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: improve error processing and reporting in ssl_sock_load_cert_list_file()
2013-04-02BUG/MEDIUM: systemd-wrapper: don't leak zombie processes
2013-04-02BUG/MAJOR: http: use a static storage for sample fetch context
2013-04-01BUG/MEDIUM: tools: vsnprintf() is not always reliable on Solaris
2013-03-31BUG/MINOR: acl: ssl_c_used, ssl_fc{,_has_crt,_has_sni} take no pattern
2013-03-31BUG/MINOR: acl: ssl_fc_{alg,use}_keysize must parse integers, not strings
2013-03-31BUG/MAJOR: ev_select: disable the select() poller if maxsock > FD_SETSIZE
2013-03-26BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix another issue caused by http-send-name-header
2013-03-25BUG/MEDIUM: config: ACL compatibility check on "redirect" was wrong
2013-03-24BUG/MEDIUM: http: add-header should not emit "-" for empty fields
2013-03-08BUG/MEDIUM: checks: don't call connect() on unsupported address families
2013-03-08BUG/MEDIUM: stats: never apply "unix-bind prefix" to the global stats socket
2013-03-06BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: ECDHE ciphers not usable without named curve configured.
2013-03-06BUG/MEDIUM: tools: fix bad character handling in str2sa_range()
2013-03-04BUG/MINOR: syscall: fix NR_accept4 system call on sparc/linux
2013-02-15BUG/MEDIUM: config: fix parser crash with bad bind or server address
2013-02-13BUG/MINOR: Correct logic in cut_crlf()
2013-02-12BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix a race condition between checks and observe layer7
2013-02-05BUG/MEDIUM: log: emit '-' for empty fields again
2013-01-24BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: openssl 0.9.8 doesn't open /dev/random before chroot
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: unix: remove the 'level' field from the ux struct
2013-01-24BUG/MEDIUM: uri_auth: missing NULL check and memory leak on memory shortage
2013-01-24BUG/MEDIUM: tools: off-by-one in quote_arg()
2013-01-24BUG/MEDIUM: signal: signal handler does not properly check for signal bounds
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: log: improper NULL return check on utoa_pad()
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: cli: show sess should always validate s->listener
2013-01-24BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure the health_status is always within bounds
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: config: check the proper variable when parsing log minlvl
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: config: free peer's address when exiting upon parsing error
2013-01-24BUG/MINOR: config: fix improper check for failed memory alloc in ACL parser
2013-01-18BUG/MINOR: epoll: use a fix maxevents argument in epoll_wait()
2013-01-18BUG/MEDIUM: config: verbosely reject peers sections with multiple local peers
2013-01-18BUG/MEDIUM: remove supplementary groups when changing gid
2013-01-17BUG/MEDIUM: peers: only the last peers section was used by tables
2013-01-10BUG/MINOR: log: temporary fix for lost SSL info in some situations
2013-01-05BUG/MINOR: http-compression: lookup Cache-Control in the response, not the request
2012-12-30BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ignore late resets after valid responses
2012-12-30BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: don't close outgoing connections on shutw()
2012-12-30BUG/MINOR: http: don't process abortonclose when request was sent
2012-12-29BUG/MINOR: time: frequency counters are not totally accurate
2012-12-28BUG/MINOR: log: make log-format, unique-id-format and add-header more independant
2012-12-28BUG/MEDIUM: stats: disable request analyser when processing POST or HEAD
2012-12-28BUG/MINOR: http: http-request add-header emits a corrupted header
2012-12-27BUG/MINOR: stats: http-request rules still don't cope with stats
2012-12-25BUG/MINOR: stats: last fix was still wrong
2012-12-25BUG/MEDIUM: stats: fix stats page regression introduced by commit 20b0de5
2012-12-23BUG/MINOR: log: fix regression introduced by commit 8a3f52
2012-12-20BUG/MINOR: log: add_to_logformat_list() used the wrong constants
2012-12-20BUG/MEDIUM: log: fix possible segfault during config parsing
2012-12-20BUG/MINOR: http: don't abort client connection on premature responses
2012-12-19BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: fix another case where the reader might not be woken up
2012-12-19BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: fix occasional data transfer freezes
2012-12-17BUG/MEDIUM: connection: always update connection flags prior to computing polling
2012-12-15BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't return when the fd is already set
2012-12-15BUG/MEDIUM: stream-interface: fix possible stalls during transfers
2012-12-14BUG/MINOR: ssl: error is not reported if it occurs simultaneously with peer close detection.
2012-12-14BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Prevent ssl error from affecting other connections.
2012-12-14BUG/MINOR: poll: the I/O handler was called twice for polled I/Os
2012-12-10BUG/MINOR: connection: remove a few synchronous calls to polling updates
2012-12-10BUG/MAJOR: connection: always recompute polling status upon I/O
2012-12-09BUG/MINOR: proto_tcp: bidirectional fetches not supported anymore in track-sc1/2
2012-12-09BUG/MINOR: proto_tcp: fix parsing of "table" in track-sc1/2
2012-12-09BUG/MEDIUM: stick-tables: conversions to strings were broken in dev13
2012-12-08BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: process could theorically crash on lack of source ports
2012-12-08BUG/MINOR: tcp: set the ADDR_TO_SET flag on outgoing connections
2012-12-08BUG/MEDIUM: session: fix FD leak when transport layer logging is enabled
2012-12-07BUG/MAJOR: polling: do not set speculative events on ERR nor HUP
2012-12-07BUG/MAJOR: raw_sock: must check error code on hangup
2012-12-04BUG/MINOR: http: don't log a 503 on client errors while waiting for requests
2012-12-03BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: first outgoing connection would fail with {ca,crt}-ignore-err
2012-12-03BUG/MINOR: ssl: One free session in cache remains unused.
2012-12-03BUG/MEDIUM: comp: DEFAULT_MAXZLIBMEM was expressed in bytes and not megabytes
2012-11-27BUG/MINOR: http: disable compression when message has no body
2012-11-26BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix handshake failure on session resumption with client cert.
2012-11-26BUG/MAJOR: stats: correctly check for a possible divide error when showing compression ratios
2012-11-26BUG/MINOR: compression: Content-Type is case insensitive
2012-11-26BUG/MINOR: http: don't report client aborts as server errors
2012-11-26BUG/MAJOR: cli: show sess may randomly corrupt the back-ref list
2012-11-24BUG/MEDIUM: connection: local_send_proxy must wait for connection to establish
2012-11-24BUG/MEDIUM: checks: report handshake failures
2012-11-24BUG/MEDIUM: connection: always disable polling upon error
2012-11-24BUG/MINOR: stats: fix inversion of the report of a check in progress
2012-11-24BUG/MEDIUM: acl: make prue_acl_expr() correctly free ACL expressions upon exit
2012-11-23BUG/MEDIUM: acl: correctly resolve all args, not just the first one
2012-11-23BUG/MAJOR: peers: the listener's maxaccept was not set and caused loops
2012-11-23BUG/MEDIUM: checks: prevent TIME_WAITs from appearing also on timeouts
2012-11-23BUG/MAJOR: checks: close FD on all timeouts
2012-11-23BUG/MINOR: checks: slightly clean the state machine up
2012-11-23BUG/MEDIUM: compression: does not forward trailers
2012-11-23BUG/MINOR: checks: don't mark the FD as closed before transport close
2012-11-23BUG/MEDIUM: checks: ensure we completely disable polling upon success
2012-11-23BUG/MEDIUM: checks: mark the check as stopped after a connect error
2012-11-21BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: read0 not always handled since dev12
2012-11-21BUG/MINOR: compression: dynamic level increase
2012-11-19BUG/MAJOR: stream_interface: certain workloads could cause get stuck
2012-11-19BUG: compression: properly disable compression when content-type does not match
2012-11-15BUG/MEDIUM: compression: release the zlib pools between keep-alive requests
2012-11-15BUG/MINOR: compression: deinit zlib only when required
2012-11-15BUG/MEDIUM: compression: no Content-Type header but type in configuration
2012-11-15BUG: compression: do not always increment the round counter on allocation failure
2012-11-15BUG: proxy: fix server name lookup in get_backend_server()
2012-11-13BUG: halog: fix broken output limitation
2012-11-12BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix sometimes reneg fails if requested by server.
2012-11-12BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Fix some reneg cases not correctly handled.
2012-11-12BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: review polling on reneg.
2012-11-12BUG: polling: don't skip polled events in the spec list
2012-11-12BUG: connection: fix typo in previous commit
2012-11-11BUG: raw_sock: also consider ENOTCONN in addition to EAGAIN
2012-11-10BUG: http: revert broken optimisation from 82fe75c1a79dac933391501b9d293bce34513755
2012-11-09BUG/MAJOR: always clear the CO_FL_WAIT_* flags after updating polling flags
2012-11-09BUG/MINOR: session: mark the handshake as complete earlier
2012-10-29BUG/MINOR: session: ensure that we don't retry connection if some data were sent
2012-10-29BUG/MINOR: stream_interface: don't loop over ->snd_buf()
2012-10-27BUG: compression: disable auto-close and enable MSG_MORE during transfer
2012-10-26BUG/MEDIUM: tcp: transparent bind to the source only when address is set
2012-10-26BUG/MEDIUM: command-line option -D must have precedence over "debug"
2012-10-26BUG/MINOR: http: compression should consider all Accept-Encoding header values
2012-10-25BUG/MAJOR: fix a segfault on option http_proxy and url_ip acl
2012-10-24BUG/MEDIUM: acls using IPv6 subnets patterns incorrectly match IPs
2012-10-22BUG/MAJOR: connection: risk of crash on certain tricky close scenario
2012-10-20BUG/MEDIUM: http: set DONTWAIT on data when switching to tunnel mode
2012-10-19BUG: ssl: fix ssl_sni ACLs to correctly process regular expressions
2012-10-12BUG/MEDIUM: session: enable the conn_session_update() callback
2012-10-12BUG/MINOR: session: fix some leftover from debug code
2012-10-12BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix issue on server statements 'no-tls*' and 'no-sslv3'
2012-10-10BUG/MEDIUM: config: check-send-proxy was ignored if SSL was not builtin
2012-10-10BUG/MINOR: halog: fix help message for -ut/-uto
2012-10-10BUG/MINOR: halog: -ad/-ac report the correct number of output lines
2012-10-05BUG/MAJOR: ensure that hdr_idx is always reserved when L7 fetches are used
2012-10-05BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: subsequent handshakes fail after server configuration changes
2012-10-05BUG: connection: fix regression from commit 9e272bf9
2012-10-05BUG/MINOR: build: Fix failure with USE_OPENSSL=1 and USE_FUTEX=1 on archs i486 and i686.
2012-10-05BUG/MINOR: conf: Fix 'maxsslconn' statement error if built without OPENSSL.
2012-10-04BUG/MINOR: epoll: correctly disable FD polling in fd_rem()
2012-10-04BUG/MEDIUM: listener: don't pause protocols that do not support it
2012-10-04BUG/MINOR: config: use a copy of the file name in proxy configurations
2012-10-04BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: must not try to stop disabled proxies upon reload
2012-10-02BUG/MINOR: ssl: report the L4 connection as established when possible
2012-10-02BUG/MINOR: build: Fix compilation issue on openssl 0.9.6 due to missing CRL feature.
2012-10-02BUG/MINOR: ssl: Fix CRL check was not enabled when crlfile was specified.
2012-09-27BUG/MAJOR: http: chunk parser was broken with buffer changes
2012-09-26BUG: stats: fix regression introduced by commit 4348fad1
2012-09-24BUG/MINOR: config: check the proper pointer to report unknown protocol
2012-09-24BUG: http: do not print garbage on invalid requests in debug mode
2012-09-24BUILD: fix compilation error with DEBUG_FULL
2012-09-22BUG: backend: balance hdr was broken since 1.5-dev11
2012-09-15BUG/MAJOR: ssl: missing tests in ACL fetch functions
2012-09-06BUG: tcp: close socket fd upon connect error
2012-09-05BUG/MEDIUM: workaround an eglibc bug which truncates the pidfiles when nbproc > 1
2012-09-04BUG: ssl: mark the connection as waiting for an SSL connection during the handshake
2012-08-31BUG: stktable: tcp_src_to_stktable_key() must return NULL on invalid families
2012-08-09BUG/MINOR: to_log erased with unique-id-format
2012-07-31BUG/MINOR: polling: some events were not set in various pollers
2012-07-31BUG/MINOR: tarpit: fix condition to return the HTTP 500 message
2012-06-15BUG/MINOR: ACL implicit arguments must be created with unresolved flag
2012-06-09BUG/MEDIUM: ebtree: ebmb_insert() must not call cmp_bits on full-length matches
2012-06-06BUG/MAJOR: cookie prefix doesn't support cookie-less servers
2012-06-01BUG/MINOR: commit 196729ef used wrong condition resulting in freeing constants
2012-06-01BUG/MEDIUM: ensure that unresolved arguments are freed exactly once
2012-05-31BUG/MINOR: config: do not report twice the incompatibility between cookie and non-http
2012-05-31BUG/MINOR: log: don't report logformat errors in backends
2012-05-31BUG/MINOR: fix option httplog validation with TCP frontends
2012-05-31BUG/MEDIUM: buffers: fix bi_putchr() to correctly advance the pointer
2012-05-31BUG/MEDIUM: register peer sync handler in the proper order
2012-05-31BUG/MAJOR: b_rew() must pass a signed offset to b_ptr()
2012-05-30BUG/MINOR: perform_http_redirect also needs to rewind the buffer
2012-05-30BUG/MEDIUM: option forwardfor if-none doesn't work with some configurations
2012-05-25BUG/MINOR: checks: expire on timeout.check if smaller than timeout.connect
2012-05-20BUG/MINOR: stop connect timeout when connect succeeds
2012-05-19BUG/MAJOR: checks: don't call set_server_status_* when no LB algo is set
2012-05-18BUG/MAJOR: fix regression on content-based hashing and http-send-name-header
2012-05-16BUG/MAJOR: trash must always be the size of a buffer
2012-05-11BUG/MEDIUM: stream_interface: restore get_src/get_dst
2012-05-10BUG/MEDIUM: config: don't crash at config load time on invalid userlist names
2012-05-10CLEANUP: auth: make the code build again with DEBUG_AUTH
2012-05-10BUG/MAJOR: acl: http_auth_group() must not accept any user from the userlist
2012-05-10BUG/MINOR: stats admin: "Unexpected result" was displayed unconditionally
2012-05-08BUG/MEDIUM: log: ensure that unique_id is properly initialized
2012-05-08BUG/MEDIUM: send_proxy: fix initialisation of send_proxy_ofs
2012-05-08BUG/MINOR: http: ensure that msg->err_pos is always relative to buf->p
2012-05-08BUG/MINOR: http: error snapshots are wrong if buffer wraps
2012-05-08BUG/MINOR: http_auth: ACLs are volatile, not permanent
2012-04-09BUG/MINOR: acl: req_ssl_sni would randomly fail if a session ID is present
2012-03-31BUG/MEDIUM: balance source did not properly hash IPv6 addresses
2012-03-27BUG/MAJOR: log: possible segfault with logformat
2012-03-24BUG/MAJOR: possible crash when using capture headers on TCP frontends
2012-03-19BUG/MEDIUM: bad length in log_format and __send_log
2012-03-19BUG/CRITICAL: log: fix risk of crash in development snapshot
2012-03-12BUG/MINOR: log-format: fix %o flag
2012-03-10BUG: stream_sock: si->release was not called upon shutw()
2012-03-09BUG/MINOR: stream_sock: don't remove BF_EXPECT_MORE and BF_SEND_DONTWAIT on partial writes
2012-03-09BUG: checks: fix server maintenance exit sequence
2012-03-05BUG: http: disable TCP delayed ACKs when forwarding content-length data
2012-03-01BUG: queue: fix dequeueing sequence on HTTP keep-alive sessions
2012-02-24BUG: fix httplog trailing LF
2012-02-02BUG: fix double free in peers config error path
2012-01-20BUG/MEDIUM: zero-weight servers must not dequeue requests from the backend
2012-01-20BUG/MEDIUM: correctly disable servers tracking another disabled servers.
2012-01-09BUG/MINOR: fix typo in processing of http-send-name-header
2012-01-09BUG/MINOR: cli: correctly remove the whole table on "clear table"
2012-01-07BUG: http: tighten the list of allowed characters in a URI
2011-12-30BUG: proto_tcp: don't try to bind to a foreign address if sin_family is unknown
2011-12-17BUG: http: re-enable TCP quick-ack upon incomplete HTTP requests
2011-12-02BUG: ebtree: ebst_lookup() could return the wrong entry
2011-11-30BUG: tcp: option nolinger does not work on backends
2011-11-28BUG: buffers: don't return a negative value on buffer_total_space_res()
2011-10-31BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix slowstart behaviour when server tracking is in use
2011-10-28BUG/MINOR: fix a segfault when parsing a config with undeclared peers
2011-10-09BUG/MINOR: fix options forwardfor if-none when an alternative header name is specified
2011-09-23BUG/MINOR: don't use a wrong port when connecting to a server with mapped ports
2011-09-16BUG/MEDIUM: don't trim last spaces from headers consisting only of spaces
2011-09-07[BUG] peers: ensure the peers are resumed if they were paused
2011-09-07[BUG] peers: don't keep a peers section which has a NULL frontend
2011-09-07[BUG] peers: the peer frontend must not emit any log
2011-09-07[BUG] peers: don't pre-allocate 65000 connections to each peer
2011-09-05[BUG] http: trailing white spaces must also be trimmed after headers
2011-08-27[BUG] backend: risk of picking a wrong port when mapping is used with crossed families
2011-08-27[BUG] checks: use the correct destination port for sending checks
2011-08-24[BUG] possible crash in 'show table' on stats socket
2011-08-19[BUG] check: http-check expect + regex would crash in defaults section
2011-07-29[BUG] proxy: stats frontend and peers were missing many initializers
2011-07-25[BUG] proxy: peers must only be stopped once, not upon every call to maintain_proxies
2011-07-24[BUG] stream_sock: ensure orphan listeners don't accept too many connections
2011-07-24[BUG] stream_sock: disable listener when system resources are exhausted
2011-07-20[BUG] session: risk of crash on out of memory (1.5-dev regression)
2011-07-11[BUG] halog: correctly handle truncated last line
2011-06-17[BUG] checks: fix support of Mysqld >= 5.5 for mysql-check
2011-05-31[BUG] stats: support url-encoded forms
2011-05-09[BUG] fix binary stick-tables
2011-04-19[BUG] proto_tcp: fix address binding on remote source
2011-04-13[BUG] checks: http-check expect could fail a check on multi-packet responses
2011-04-07[BUG] stick-tables did not work when converting IPv6 to IPv4
2011-04-07[BUG] TCP source tracking was broken with IPv6 changes
2011-04-05[BUG] stream_sock: use get_addr_len() instead of sizeof() on sockaddr_storage
2011-03-28[BUG] stream_sock: fix handling for server side PROXY protocol
2011-03-28[BUG] http: fix content-length handling on 32-bit platforms
2011-03-27[BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size (take 2)
2011-03-27[BUG] log: retrieve the target from the session, not the SI
2011-03-27[BUG] session: conn_retries was not always initialized
2011-03-22[BUG] standard: is_addr return value for IPv4 was inverted
2011-03-16[BUG] session: src_conn_cur was returning src_conn_cnt instead
2011-03-13[BUG] http: stats were not incremented on http-request deny
2011-03-09[BUG] config: don't crash on empty pattern files.
2011-03-04[BUG] stats: admin web interface must check the proxy state
2011-03-04[BUG] stats: admin commands must check the proxy state
2011-03-01[BUG] http: balance url_param did not work with first parameters on POST
2011-03-01[BUG] http: fix computation of message body length after forwarding has started
2011-03-01[BUG] http: fix possible incorrect forwarded wrapping chunk size
2011-02-26[BUG] acl: fd leak when reading patterns from file
2011-02-23[BUG] acl: srv_id must return no match when the server is NULL
2011-02-16[BUG] startup: set the rlimits before binding ports, not after.
2011-02-16[BUG] cfgparse: correctly count one socket per port in ranges
2011-02-13[BUG] http: use correct ACL pointer when evaluating authentication
2011-02-12[BUG] http: update the header list's tail when removing the last header
2011-01-04[BUG] ebtree: fix ebmb_lookup() with len smaller than the tree's keys
2011-01-04[BUG] stick-table: use the private buffer when padding strings
2011-01-03[BUG] acl: fix handling of empty lines in pattern files
2011-01-02[BUG] stick-table: correctly terminate string keys during lookups
2010-12-29[BUG] http: fix http-pretend-keepalive and httpclose/tunnel mode
2010-12-29[BUG] session: release slot before processing pending connections
2010-12-29[BUG] http: fix incorrect error reporting during data transfers
2010-12-17[BUG] http: analyser optimizations broke pipelining
2010-12-12[BUG] stream_interface: truncate buffers when sending error messages
2010-12-12[BUG] http chunking: don't report a parsing error on connection errors
2010-11-29[BUG] http: do not re-enable the PROXY analyser on keep-alive
2010-11-28[BUG] http: correctly update the header list when removing two consecutive headers
2010-11-19[BUG] appsession: fix possible double free in case of out of memory
2010-11-19[BUG] capture: do not capture a cookie if there is no memory left
2010-11-19[BUG] debug: report the correct poller list in verbose mode
2010-11-11[BUG] accept: don't close twice upon error
2010-11-11[BUG] stick table entries expire on counters updates/read or show table, even if there is no "expire" parameter
2010-11-11[BUG] stick table purge failure if size less than 255
2010-11-11[BUG] session: don't stop forwarding of data upon last packet
2010-10-30[BUG] ebtree: fix duplicate strings insertion
2010-10-30[BUG] cookie: correctly unset default cookie parameters
2010-10-30[BUG] proto_tcp: potential bug on pattern fetch dst and dport
2010-10-30[BUG] config: report correct keywords for "observe"
2010-10-30[BUG] checks: don't log backend down for all zero-weight servers
2010-10-30[BUG] Restore info about available active/backup servers
2010-10-30[BUG] stream_sock: try to flush any extra pending request data after a POST
2010-10-30[BUG] ebtree: string_equal_bits() could return garbage on identical strings
2010-09-21[BUG] stream_sock: cleanly disable the listener in case of resource shortage
2010-09-07[BUG] stream_interface: only call si->release when both dirs are closed
2010-09-03[BUG] deinit: unbind listeners before freeing them
2010-08-30[BUG] http: don't consider commas as a header delimitor within quotes
2010-08-28[BUG] http: don't set auto_close if more data are expected
2010-08-20[BUG] conf: add tcp-request content rules to the correct list
2010-08-17[BUG] stats: global stats timeout may be specified before stats socket.
2010-08-17[BUG] queue: don't dequeue proxy-global requests on disabled servers
2010-08-17[BUG] stats: session rate limit gets garbaged in the stats
2010-08-10[BUG] session: analysers must be checked when SI state changes
2010-08-10[BUG] http: denied requests must not be counted as denied resps in listeners
2010-07-13[BUG] stick-table: correctly refresh expiration timers
2010-06-18[BUG] stick_table: the fix for the memory leak caused a regression
2010-06-14[BUG] config: report the correct proxy type in tcp-request errors
2010-06-14[BUG] stick_table: fix possible memory leak in case of connection error
2010-06-07[BUG] debug: correctly report truncated messages
2010-06-07[BUG] debug: wrong pointer was used to report a status line
2010-06-07[BUG] http: report correct flags in case of client aborts during body
2010-06-07[BUG] proxy: connection rate limiting was eating lots of CPU
2010-06-07[BUG] http: automatically close response if req is aborted
2010-06-04[BUG] session: clear BF_READ_ATTACHED before next I/O
2010-06-04[BUG] client: always ensure to zero rep->analysers
2010-06-04[BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode (part 2)
2010-06-04[BUG] consistent hash: balance on all servers, not only 2 !
2010-05-28[BUG] tcp: dropped connections must be counted as "denied" not "failed"
2010-05-23[BUG] http: the transaction must be initialized even in TCP mode
2010-05-23[BUG] http: dispatch and http_proxy modes were broken for a long time
2010-05-09[BUG] cttproxy: socket fd leakage in check_cttproxy_version
2010-04-07[BUG] appsession should match the whole cookie name
2010-03-25[BUG] backend: L7 hashing must not be performed on incomplete requests
2010-03-17[BUG] checks: don't wait for a close to start parsing the response
2010-03-17[BUG] init: unconditionally catch SIGPIPE
2010-03-17[BUG] http: fix truncated responses on chunk encoding when size divides buffer size
2010-03-16[BUG] checks: don't abort when second poll returns an error
2010-03-16[BUG] checks: don't report an error when recv() returns an error after data
2010-03-15[BUG] config: fix endless loop when parsing "on-error"
2010-03-15[BUG] don't merge anonymous ACLs !
2010-03-14[BUG] clf logs segfault when capturing a non existant header
2010-03-12[BUG] url_param hash may return a down server
2010-03-05[BUG] stats: connection reset counters must be plain ascii, not HTML
2010-03-05[BUG] http: don't wait for response data to leave buffer is client has left
2010-03-04[BUG] Clear-cookie path issue
2010-03-04[BUG] logs: don't report "proxy request" when server closes early
2010-03-04[BUG] logs: don't report "last data" when we have just closed after an error
2010-02-23[BUG] uri_auth: do not attemp to convert uri_auth -> http-request more than once
2010-02-23[BUG] uri_auth: ST_SHLGNDS should be 0x00000008 not 0x0000008
2010-02-09[BUILD] fix build breakage with DEBUG_FULL
2010-02-09[BUG] config: report unresolvable host names as errors
2010-02-06[BUG] pxid/puid/luid: don't shift IDs when some of them are forced
2010-02-06[BUG] cfgparse memory leak and missing free calls in deinit()
2010-02-02[BUG] fix error response in case of server error
2010-02-01[BUG] config: reset check request to avoid double free when switching to ssl/sql
2010-01-28[BUG] halog: fix segfault in case of empty log in PCT mode (cherry picked from commit fe362fe4762151d209b9656639ee1651bc2b329d)
2010-01-27[BUG] restore accidentely removed line in last patch !
2010-01-26[BUG] patterns: copy-paste typo in type conversion arguments
2010-01-25[BUG] http: trim any excess buffer data when recycling a connection
2010-01-25[BUG] buffer_replace2 must never change the ->w entry
2010-01-22[BUG] http_server_error() must not purge a previous pending response
2010-01-16[BUG] http: don't count req errors on client resets or t/o during keep-alive
2010-01-15[BUG] buffers: remove remains of wrong obsolete length check
2010-01-15[BUG] check: we must not check for error before reading a response
2010-01-14[BUG] checks: chars are unsigned on AIX, check was always true
2010-01-11[BUG] checks: fix newline termination
2010-01-11[BUG] health checks: fix requeued message
2010-01-10[BUG] stream_interface: fix retnclose and remove cond_close
2010-01-10[BUG] appsession: possible memory leak in case of out of memory condition
2010-01-09[BUG] server redirection used an uninitialized string.
2010-01-09[BUG] appsession's sessid must be reset at end of transaction
2010-01-07[BUG] http: fix for capture memory leak was incorrect
2010-01-07[BUG] http: memory leak with captures when using keep-alive
2010-01-07[BUG] cfgparser/stats: fix error message
2010-01-07[BUG] stats: cookie should be reported under backend not under proxy
2010-01-06[BUG] stats: show UP/DOWN status also in tracking servers
2010-01-06[BUG]: add 'observer', 'on-error', 'error-limit' to supported options list
2010-01-05[BUG] http: check options before the connection header
2010-01-05[BUG] http: don't set no-linger on response in case of forced close
2010-01-05[BUG] http: redirect needed to be updated after recent changes
2010-01-04[BUG] http: some possible missed close remain in the forward chain
2010-01-04[BUG] http_process_res_common() must not skip the forward analyser
2010-01-04[DEBUG] add an http_silent_debug function to debug HTTP states
2010-01-04[BUG] http: fix hopefully last closing issue on data forwarding
2010-01-04[BUG] http: disable auto-closing during chunk analysis
2010-01-03[BUG] http: fix cookie parser to support spaces and commas in values
2010-01-03[BUG] Healthchecks: get a proper error code if connection cannot be completed immediately
2010-01-03[BUG] http: take care of errors, timeouts and aborts during the data phase
2010-01-03[BUG] http: the request URI pointer is relative to the buffer
2010-01-03[BUG] http: redirects were broken by chunk changes
2010-01-03[BUG] http: fix erroneous trailers size computation
2010-01-03[BUG] last fix was overzealous and disabled server-close
2010-01-03[BUG] http: ensure we abort data transfer on write error
2009-12-28[BUG] buffers: wrong size calculation for displaced data
2009-12-28[BUG] stream_sock: wrong max computation on recv
2009-12-28[BUG] http: typos on several unlikely() around header insertion
2009-12-27[BUG] http: body parsing must consider the start of message
2009-12-27[BUG] http: offsets are relative to the buffer, not to ->som
2009-12-22[BUG] check_post: limit analysis to the buffer length
2009-12-17[BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names, again
2009-12-17[BUG] second fix for the printf format warning
2009-12-16[BUG] format '%d' expects type 'int', but argument 5 has type 'long int'
2009-12-06[BUG] Configuration parser bug when escaping characters
2009-12-06[BUG] config: cookie domain was ignored in defaults sections
2009-12-06[BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names
2009-12-06[BUG] config: disable 'option httplog' on TCP proxies
2009-12-06[BUG] config: fix wrong handling of too large argument count
2009-12-06[BUG] config: fix error message when config file is not found
2009-11-30[BUG] x-original-to: name was not set in default instance
2009-11-28[BUG] stream_sock: BUF_INFINITE_FORWARD broke splice on 64-bit platforms
2009-10-27[BUG] definitely fix regparm issues between haproxy core and ebtree
2009-10-14[BUG] Fix silly typo: hspr_other -> hrsp_other
2009-10-10[BUG] task.c: don't assing last_timer to node-less entries
2009-10-05[BUG] counters: fix segfault on missing counters for a listener
2009-10-04[BUG] Fix NULL pointer dereference in stats_check_uri_auth(), v2
2009-10-04[BUG] config: look for ID conflicts in all sockets, not only last ones.
2009-10-04[BUG] don't refresh timeouts late after detected activity
2009-10-04[BUG] stats: don't call buffer_shutw(), but ->shutw() instead
2009-10-01[BUG] check if rise/fall has an argument and it is > 0
2009-09-24[BUG] http stats: large outputs sometimes got some parts chopped off
2009-09-23[BUG] fix buffer_skip() and buffer_si_getline() to correctly handle wrap-arounds
2009-09-23[BUG] variable buffer size ignored at initialization time
2009-09-21[BUG] buffers: buffer_forward() must not always clear BF_OUT_EMPTY
2009-09-20[BUG] stream_interface: SI_ST_CLO must have buffers SHUT
2009-09-19[BUG] buffer_forward() would not correctly consider data already scheduled
2009-08-31[BUG] tarpit did not work anymore
2009-08-09[BUG] log: option tcplog would log to global if no logger was defined
2009-08-09[BUG] task: fix possible crash when some timeouts are not configured
2009-07-27[BUG] fix random pauses on last segment of a series
2009-07-14[BUG] task: fix possible timer drift after update
2009-07-14[BUG] config: tcp-request content only accepts "if" or "unless"
2009-07-14[BUG] stream_sock: don't stop reading when the poller reports an error
2009-07-14[BUG] stream_sock: always shutdown(SHUT_WR) before closing
2009-07-12[BUG] default ACLs did not properly set the ->requires flag
2009-07-07[CLEANUP] remove unused DEBUG_PARSE_NO_SPEEDUP define
2009-07-06[BUG] http: redirect rules were processed too early
2009-06-09[BUG] ensure that we correctly re-start old process in case of error
2009-05-10[BUG] fix parser crash on unconditional tcp content rules
2009-05-10[BUG] O(1) pollers should check their FD before closing it
2009-05-08[BUG] x-original-to: fix missing initialization to default value
2009-05-01[BUG] fix wrong pointer arithmetics in HTTP message captures
2009-04-07[BUG] stats: total and lbtot are unsigned
2009-03-29[BUG] don't set an expiration date directly from now_ms
2009-03-29[BUG] stream_sock: check for shut{r,w} before refreshing some timeouts
2009-03-28[BUG] stream_sock: disable I/O on fds reporting an error
2009-03-28[BUG] don't call epoll_ctl() on closed sockets
2009-03-28[BUG] reject unix accepts when connection limit is reached
2009-03-28[BUG] reset the stream_interface connect timeout upon connect or error
2009-03-21[BUG] check for global.maxconn before doing accept()
2009-03-21[BUG] server check intervals must not be null
2009-03-21[BUG] scheduler: fix improper handling of duplicates __task_queue()
2009-03-21[BUG] sched: don't leave 3 lasts tasks unprocessed when niced tasks are present
2009-03-15[BUG] session: errors were not reported in termination flags in TCP mode
2009-03-15[BUG] connect timeout is in the stream interface, not the buffer
2009-03-09[BUG] stream_sock: write timeout must be updated when forwarding !
2009-03-08[BUG] event_accept() must always wake the task up, even in health mode
2009-03-08[BUG] task: fix handling of duplicate keys
2009-03-07[BUG] rate-limit in defaults section was ignored
2009-03-06[BUG] disable any analysers for monitoring requests
2009-03-06[BUG] switch server-side stream interface to close in case of abort
2009-03-06[BUG] typo in timeout error reporting : report *res and not *err
2009-03-06[BUG] interface binding: length must include the trailing zero
2009-03-05[BUG] the "connslots" keyword was matched as "connlots"
2009-03-01[BUG] global.tune.maxaccept must be limited even in mono-process mode
2009-03-01[BUG] the "source" keyword must first clear optional settings
2009-02-22[BUG] fix unix socket processing of interrupted output
2009-02-22[BUG] fix random memory corruption using "show sess"
2009-02-04[BUILD] Haproxy won't compile if DEBUG_FULL is defined
2009-02-04[BUG] inform the user when root is expected but not set
2009-02-04[BUG] we must not exit if protocol binding only returns a warning
2009-01-27[BUG] Fix listen & more of 2 couples :
2009-01-25[BUG] reserve some pipes for backends with splice enabled
2008-12-23[BUG] "option transparent" is for backend, not frontend !
2008-12-23[BUG] check timeout must not be changed if timeout.check is not set
2008-12-07[BUG] do not dequeue the backend's pending connections on a dead server
2008-12-07[BUG] do not dequeue requests on a dead server
2008-12-07[BUG] critical errors should be reported even in daemon mode
2008-12-07[BUG] cookie capture is declared in the frontend but checked on the backend
2008-12-07[BUG] acl-related keywords are not allowed in defaults sections
2008-12-07[BUG] ensure that listeners from disabled proxies are correctly unbound.
2008-12-07[BUG] do not try to pause backends during reload
2008-12-07[BUG] dynamic connection throttling could return a max of zero conns
2008-12-07[BUG] do not release the connection slot during a retry
2008-12-07[BUG] do not forward close from cons to prod with analysers
2008-12-01[BUG] fix forgotten server session counter
2008-11-23[BUG] shutw must imply close during a connect
2008-08-26[BUG] fix harmless but wrong fd insertion sequence
2008-08-26[BUG] Fix empty X-Forwarded-For header name when set in defaults section
2008-08-17[BUG] process_request: HTTP body analysis must return zero if missing data
2008-08-17[BUG] process_cli/process_srv: don't call shutdown when already done
2008-08-17[BUG] regparm is broken on gcc < 3
2008-08-16[BUG] maintain_proxies must not disable backends
2008-08-16[BUG] process_response: do not touch srv_state
2008-08-16[BUG] buffers: remove BF_MAY_CONNECT and fix forwarding issue
2008-08-16[BUG] process_response must not enable the read FD
2008-08-16[BUG] ev_sepoll: closed file descriptors could persist in the spec list
2008-08-14[BUG] fix recently introduced loop when client closes early
2008-08-13[PATCH] appsessions: cleanup DEBUG_HASH and initialize request_counter
2008-08-11[BUG] client timeout incorrectly rearmed while waiting for server
2008-08-11[BUG] server timeout was not considered in some circumstances
2008-08-11[BUG] fix segfault with url_param + check_post
2008-07-09[BUG] use_backend would not correctly consider "unless"
2008-06-29[BUG] disable buffer read timeout when reading stats
2008-06-29[BUG] wqueue: perform proper timeout comparisons with wrapping values
2008-06-24[BUG] we could segfault during exit while freeing uri_auths
2008-06-20[BUG] fix the dequeuing logic to ensure that all requests get served
2008-06-20[BUG] log: reported queue position was offed-by-one
2008-06-20[BUG] queue management: wake oldest request in queues
2008-06-20[BUG] event pollers must not wait if a task exists in the run queue
2008-06-20[DEBUG] add a TRACE macro to facilitate runtime data extraction
2008-05-30[BUG/CLEANUP] cookiedomain -> cookie_domain rename + free(p->cookie_domain)
2008-04-21[BUG] Flush buffers also where there are exactly 0 bytes left
2008-03-28[BUG] fix double-decrement of server connections
2008-03-08[BUG] option allbackups was not working anymore in roundrobin mode
2008-03-07[BUG] str2sun could leak a small buffer in case of error during parsing
2008-03-04[BUG] Don't increment server connections too much + fix retries
2008-02-17[BUG] do not apply timeout.connect in checks if unset
2008-02-17[BUG] appsession lookup in URL does not work
2008-02-15[BUG] timeout.check was not pre-set to eternity
2008-02-15[BUG] failed conns were sometimes incremented in the frontend!
2008-01-22[BUG]: Restore clearing t->logs.bytes
2008-01-18[BUG] fix truncated responses with sepoll
2008-01-18[BUG] log response byte count, not request
2008-01-14[BUG] build failed on CONFIG_HAP_LINUX_TPROXY without CONFIG_HAP_CTTPROXY
2008-01-13[BUG] fix overlapping server flags
2008-01-13[BUG] use backend's source and not server's source with tproxy
2008-01-12[BUG] connect_server: server might not exist when sending error report
2008-01-06[BUG] fix typo in redispatched connection
2008-01-06[BUG] increment server connections for each connect()
2007-12-20[BUG] hot reconfiguration failed because of a wrong error check
2007-12-14[BUG] transparent proxy address was ignored in backend
2007-12-03[BUG] slowstart is in ms, not seconds
2007-11-26[BUG] fix missing parenthesis in check_response_for_cacheability
2007-11-26[BUG] missing header names in raw stats output
2007-11-26[BUG] relative_pid was not initialized
2007-10-25[BUG] fix calls to localtime()
2007-10-25[BUG] fix error checking in strl2ic/strl2uic()
2007-10-18[BUG] scope "." must match the backend and not the frontend
2007-10-18[BUG] fix off-by-one in path length in destroy_uxst_socket()
2007-10-16[BUG] remove condition for exit() under fork() failure
2007-10-16[BUG] fix wrong timeout computation in event_accept()
2007-10-15[BUG] fix segfault on exit in new appsession code
2007-10-15[BUG] fix double-free during clean exit
2007-06-17[BUG] str2net() must not change the const char *
2007-06-16[BUG] fix segfault at exit when using captures
2007-06-16[BUG] negation in ACL conds was not cleared between terms
2007-06-03[BUG] the epoll FD must not be shared between processes
2007-06-03[BUG] do not re-arm read timeout after writing data
2007-06-03[BUG] do not re-arm read timeout in SHUTR state !
2007-05-14[BUG] pre-initialize timeouts with tv_eternity during parsing
2007-05-14[BUG] fix broken health-checks since switch to timeval
2007-05-14[BUG] ev_kqueue was forgotten during the switch to timeval
2007-05-14[BUG] fix buggy timeout computation in wake_expired_tasks
2007-05-14[BUG] fix null timeouts in *poll-based pollers
2007-05-13[BUG] fix ev_sepoll again, this time with a new state machine
2007-05-09[BUG] two missing states in sepoll transition matrix
2007-05-08[BUG] fix early server close after client close
2007-04-30[BUG] fixed connection establishment detection
2007-04-03[BUG] initialize msg->sol before parsing first line
2007-04-03[BUG] Status line in HTTP response could not be rewritten
2007-03-30[BUG] fix reqadd when no option httpclose is used.
2007-03-19[BUG] fix pointer initializations for TCP connections.
2007-02-02[BUG] fix crash when no cookie is set on server
2007-02-01[BUG] segfault on some erroneous configurations
2007-01-25[BUG] hdr_idx might be left uninitialized in some cases
2007-01-21[BUG] last backend change broke server assignment
2006-12-04[BUG] files were missing for hdr_idx in previous commit
2006-12-02[BUG] implemented support for multi-line headers as required by RFC2616.
2006-06-15[BUG] neither stats nor error messages could be returned without clitimeout
2006-05-14[DEBUG] state names were shifted due to missing PEND state.
2006-03-19assert.h is needed when DEBUG is defined.
2005-12-18* released 1.2.5 (1.1.31) * changed the runtime argument to disable epoll() to '-de' * changed the runtime argument to disable poll() to '-dp' * added global options 'nopoll' and 'noepoll' to do the same at the configuration level. * added a 'linux24e' target to the Makefile for Linux 2.4 systems patched to support epoll(). * changed default FD_SETSIZE to 65536 on Solaris (default=1024) * conditionned signals redirection to #ifdef DEBUG_MEMORY

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