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2009/08/23 - Quick test of version 1.4-dev2 : barrier of 100k HTTP req/s crossed


    It was my first test since I moved house. I wanted to quickly plug the machines together to see if my work on version 1.4 went into the right direction, and most importantly was not causing performance drops. Verdict below confirms it. A new record of 108000 HTTP requests processed per second was broken, and a new record of 40000 forwarded HTTP requests per second was broken too.

    The first test only accepts a new connection, reads the request, parses it, checks an ACL, sends a redirect and closes. A session rate of 132000 connections per second could even be measured in pure TCP mode, but this is not very useful :

    The second test forwards the request to a real server instead, and fetches a 64-byte object :

    These improvements are due to the ability to tell the system to merge some carefully chosen TCP packets at critical phases of the session. This results in lower number of packets per session, which in turn saves both bandwidth and CPU cycles. The smallest session is now down to 5-6 packets on each side, down from 9 initially.

2009/04/18 - New benchmark of HAProxy at 10 Gbps using Myricom's 10GbE NICs (Myri-10G PCI-Express)


    Precisely one year ago I ran some tests on the high performance 10GbE NICs that were donated to me by Myricom. In one year, haproxy has evolved quite a lot. The I/O subsystem has been completely reworked and it can now make use of the TCP splicing implemented in Linux 2.6 to avoid copying data in userspace. This test will show what is possible with TCP splicing now.

Lab setup

    The lab has almost not changed. One of the two AMD systems was upgraded to a Phenom X4 running at 3 GHz, but that's all. Haproxy will still be run on the inte